Progressive Rock

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0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Picture     Progressive rock (also referred to as prog rock or prog) is a subgenre of rock music that developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s as part of a "mostly British attempt to elevate rock music to new levels of artistic credibility."

     Progressive rock was largely a European movement, and drew most of its influences from classical music and jazz fusion, in contrast to American rock, which was influenced by rhythm & blues and country, although there are notable exceptions in the New World such as Kansas and Rush — considered by many to be the finest examples of the form.

     Progressive rock developed from late 1960s psychedelic rock, as part of a wide-ranging tendency in rock music of this era to draw inspiration from ever more diverse influences. The term was initially applied to the music of bands such as King Crimson, Yes, Genesis, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, and Emerson, Lake & Palmer, reaching its peak of popularity in the mid 1970s.



Progressive Rock bands starting with 'T': 23 bands in database

Τα 4 Επίπεδα Της Ύπαρξης (Greece)Tabaco (Spain)
Tamam Shud (Australia)Tangerine Dream (Germany)
Tea and Symphony (United Kingdom)Tempest (United Kingdom)
Tetragon (Germany)Think Tank (Netrherlands)
Third Eye (South Africa (RSA))Thirsty Moon (Germany)
Thirteenth Floor Elevators, The (United States)Toad (Switzerland)
Toe Fat (United Kingdom)Tomorrow (United Kingdom)
Totem (Uruguay)Trace (Netrherlands)
Traffic (United Kingdom)Trapeze (United Kingdom)
Tritonus (Germany)Triumvirat (Germany)
Tucky Buzzard (United Kingdom)Tully (Australia)
Twenty Sixty Six and Then (Germany)

Progressive Rock artists starting with 'T': 103 artists in database

Andrew "Frizby" Thursby-PelhamAndrzej Tylec
Barbara ThompsonBenny Thurman
Bill TahanaBobby Tench
Bruce ThomasCarlos Terán
Charlie TerstappenChester Thompson
Chris 'Shrat' ThieleChris Taylor
Chris ThompsonChristian Trachsel
Christian TritschClaude Thoman
Colin TownsDanny Taylor
Danny ThomasDanny Thompson Jr
Dave ThomasDave Thompson
Dave ThompsonDavid Torn
Dennis TaylorDicky Tarrach
Doris TangelDrachen Theaker
Fi TrenchFiachra Trench
Gareth Llewellyn ThorringtonGary Taylor
Gary ThainGary Tibbs
Georg TrolinGlen Turner
Graeme TaylorHannu Takala
Holger TrülzschIan Towers
Jahn TeigenJess "Zoot" Taylor
Jimmy ThompsonJoe Lynn Turner
Johan TimmanJohn Tout
John TrubaJohn Trussler
John TurnbullJon Taylor
Kalle TrappKatherine Thulborn
Kavus TorabiKeith Tippett
Kip TrevorLars "Bekse" Thygesen
Lemoyne TaylorManfred Thiers
Mark TreuthardtMartin Thurn
Michael "Mick" ThierfelderMick Taylor
Mick TaylorMike Taylor
Mike TomichMike Travis
Nando TischerNick Taylor
Nick TwymanNik Turner
Nils TuxenPaul Thompson
Peter TerhoevenPeter Thorup
Peter TilbrookPhil Talbot
Phil ThayerRave Tesar
Richard TandyRichard Treece
Rob TaitRob Townsend
Robert TaylorRon Taylor
Ron TreeSean Tyla
Stefan TraubStuart Tosh
Suki TowbTadeusz Trzciński
Terry TaylorTheo Travis
Tito MascaroToby Bowen
Tony BuettelTrevor Thoms
Trevor TomkinsTwink
Twink L. ToesUli Trepte
Viktor TedeschiWendy Treacher
William "Truckaway" Sievers

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