Blues Rock

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      Blues rock was characterized by bluesy improvisation and long jams.

     A classic example of blues rock is Eric Clapton's "Crossroads" first released on Cream's "Wheels of Fire" album. It was adapted from Robert Johnson's "Cross Road Blues" and "Traveling Riverside Blues".


Blues Rock bands starting with 'T': 10 bands in database

T.I.M.E. (United States)Tabaco (Spain)
Taste (Ireland)Tea Time Four (United Kingdom)
Tear Gas (United Kingdom)Thirty Eight Special (United States)
Three Man Army (United Kingdom)Tongue & Groove (United States)
Traffic (United Kingdom)Trapeze (United Kingdom)

Blues Rock artists starting with 'T': 69 artists in database

Alvin TaylorAndrzej Tylec
Anthony "Top" TophamArt Themen
Arthur Edward George 'Art' ThemenBanner Thomas
Barbara ThompsonBill Thorndycraft
Billy ToonBjörn Pool
Bobby TenchBrett Tuggle
Brian TichyBruce Thomas
Bruce TurgonButch Trucks
Chaz TrippyChester C. Thompson
Chester D. ThompsonChris Turner
Clive ThackerClive Timperley
Dan TolerDanny Taylor
Danny ThompsonDave Thompson
David "Frankie" TolerDennis Thompson
Derek TrucksDick Treat
Doug ThalerEddie Taylor
Fred TribuzzoGareth Llewellyn Thorrington
Gary ThainGerry Trew
Greg "Fingers" TaylorHughie Thomasson
Jake ThomasJoe Lynn Turner
Jon TaylorKim Turner
Kjell TorgersenLeon Thomas
Michael ThompsonMick Taylor
Nick TaylorPablo Telez
Pat TaylorPaul Tiller
Peter ThorupPeter Tilbrook
Richard TeppRob Tait
Rob TownsendRob Turnball
Rob TynerRon Thomas
Roy O'TemroRussell Tubbs
Tadeusz TrzcińskiTaj Mahal
Theodore ThunderTom Rutley
Tommy TaltonTony Buettel
TwinkVincent Trost
Wayne Talbert

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