Hard Rock

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0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Picture     The introduction of guitar distortion during the mid 60s created a common ground for blues-influenced rock and psychedelia. The result was an aggressive riff-oriented rock sound.  The wider tonalities offered by distortion and fuzz tone, coupled with the larger, more aggressive role of drums and bass, helped bring about hard rock. The Yardbirds set the stage perfectly for the development of this sound, with their experimental sounds and increasingly unconventional arrangements. The Who also laid the groundwork with their anarchic approach to rhythm and their thick choral guitar voicings. Led Zeppelin, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Steppenwolf, and Deep Purple expanded on thevform.  Over the years, artists like Van Halen, AC/DC, Tesla, and Guns’N’Roses have carried on the spirit of hard rock/heavy metal.1]

    As hard rock became denser and more aggressive-sounding, fans, began grouping for a way to describe the new attitudes. The designation heavy metal  emerged, originating from William Burrough’sNaked Lunch” and later used in Steppenwolf’s biker anthem “Born to be Wild”. Black Sabbath, with their stripped-down half-speed themes of gloom and doom, laid the groundwork for metal as a stage for the exploration of theme concerning evil.1]

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Hard Rock bands starting with 'S': 25 bands in database

Carlos Santana (United States)John Kay & Steppenwolf (United States)
Leigh Stephens (United States)Sameti (Germany)
Sammy (United Kingdom)Sanbun no san (Japan)
Shacklock (United Kingdom)Shagrat (United Kingdom)
Shakey Legs (United States)Shand Grenade (United Kingdom)
Silver Metre (United States)Sir Lord Baltimore (United States)
Skid Row (Ireland)Sphinx Tush (Germany)
Spice (United Kingdom)St. Paradise (United States)
St. Valentine's Day Massacre (United Kingdom)Steppenwolf (United States)
Steve Peregrine Took 's Shagrat (United Kingdom)Stillwater (Australia)
Strawberry Dust (United Kingdom)Stray Dog (United States)
Streetwalkers (United Kingdom)Suck (South Africa (RSA))
Sweeney Todd (Canada)

Hard Rock artists starting with 'S': 175 artists in database

Adrian ShawAlan Shacklock
Alan SpennerAndreas Smietena
Andy SolomonArne Schulze
Arshak SahakyanBarry Skeels
Barry SparksBazz Smith
Benny StanleyBernd Schulz
Bernie ShawBert Smaak
Billy SheehanBob Spencer
Bon ScottBrendan Shiels
Brian ShortBruce Stephens
Bruno SchaabCarl Stokes
Carl-G. StephanCarlos Santana
Chad SmithChris Sharley
Chris SladeChris Smith
Chris SpeddingClaude Schnell
Colin StandringDave Salce
Dave SinclairDave Smith
Dave SpitzDave Springfield
Dave StruthersDavid Stephenson
David StewartDavid Stone
Diane StewartDieter Sadlowsky
Dieter SallerEd Spevock
Edmund SeibothElout Smit
Eric SingerFinn Sletten
Frank SeidelFred "Sonic" Smith
Freddie SmithGeoff Sharkey
George SuranovichGordon Sheard
Grace SlickGreg Sheehan
Greg SmithGulliver Smith
Gunnar SchäferHans-Rolf "Charly" Schade
Harry StojkaHenry Spinetti
Herbert StricknerJ.J. Strickland
Jack SmolinskiJake Scott
Jan SchelhaasJanne Schaffer
Jano StojkaJason Stuart
Jay SharkeyJerry Scott
Jerry ShirleyJim Simpson
Jimmy SantoroJoe Satriani
John SinclairJohn Sloman
John SterlingJohn Strangio
John SykesJomac Suazo
Jon SevinkJon Small
Kenny StewartKetil Stensvik
Klaus SchulzLaurie Sinclair
Leigh SagarLeigh Stephens
Les SampsonLuiz Paulo Simas
Lynn SorensenMario Sanvito
Mark SchulmanMartin Steer
Mel SchacherMel Simpson
Mervyn SpenceMichael Schenker
Michael ShrieveMichael Sorafine
Mick SampsonMick Slattery
Mickey SimmondsMicky Lee Soule
Micky StickdornMike Starrs
Myke ScavoneNasty Suicide
Neal SchonNeal Smith
Nedo SoininenNeil Smith
Nenad StamatovićNick Simper
Nicky SkopelitisNiels van der Steenhoven
Nigel SmithPaul Saurin
Paul SimmonsPaul Stamp
Peki SirolaPete Sears
Pete SutcliffePeter Sears
Peter SeilbergerPeter Solley
Phil ScreenPhil Seamen
Phil ShuttPhil Smith
Phil SoussanPhil Swann
Rachel StavageRainer Schnelle
Reinhard SchulteReinhold Spiegelfeld
Richard SchonherzRichard Sinclair
Rick SpringfieldRik Sandford
Rob ScavettoRob Sweat
Robert "Smiggy" SmithRod Stewart
Roy SharlandRudy Sarzo
Sean ShannonSerigano
Sharon SimsShell Schellekens
Sid SmithSnips
Sonny SharrockSteve Schuster
Steve SmithSteve Stone
Steve SwindellsTamás Somló
Terry SimsTerry Slade
Terry StevensTerry Wilson-Slesser
Tom SparksTon Scherpenzeel
Tony SmithTony Sommers
Tony StrainTrey Sabatelli
Troy Spence JrUlrich "Uli" Staudt
Wayne SmithWerner Schüler
William "Bill" Scott

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