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0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Picture    Punk rock may not had the all-encompassing revolutionary effect that it orginally was supposed to-after all, disco and pop still reigned on the charts after the "sex Pistols" disbandment-but it left a number of musical upheavals in its wake. At the time, every musical genre that followed punk was termed "New Wave", in homage to the generation of French filmmakers that revolutionized the cinema in the 50's.[1]

    In America, same of the very first punk bands indicated how the music would transform into New Wave. With their ironic reworkings of '60s pop, bubblegum and garage rock, Blondie and the Ramones had the melodic sensibilities, as well as the visual gimmicksthat would proveto be commercial New Wave success. However, Blondie-who were blessed with Debbie Harry's sexy, photogenic looks-made the commercial crossover, and the Ramones remained the cult act, no matter how hard they tried to break into pop charts with buzzing catchy rockers like "Sheena is a Punk Rocker" and "Rock & Roll Radio".[1]

   MTV needed videous to fill their 24 hours of programming, and New Wawe, particulary New Romantics, become their key to success. Soon, these groups, who had significant success in England, began making across America, not only in New York and Los Angeles, but also in the mid-west. Elvis Costello, the Clash, the Go-Go's, the Police, the Cars, the Pretenders, the Talking Heads became stars thanks to MTV and mainstream radio play, but MTV's most significiant contribution was fueling the last great era of one-hit wonders.[1]-

1. "All Music Guide to Rock. The Definitive guide to Rock, Pop, and soul". Edited by Vladimir Bogdanov, Chris Woodstra, Stephen Thomas. 3rd Edition. Publisher: Backbeat Books, ISBN 0-87930-653-X. p. 1338, Stephen Thomas Erlewine

New Wave bands starting with 'R': 10 bands in database

Raincoats (United Kingdom)Ramblers (Germany)
Ramones (United States)Random Hold (United Kingdom)
Readymades (United States)Reflections (United Kingdom)
Rema-Rema (United Kingdom)Renaissance (United Kingdom)
Rich Kids (United Kingdom)Roxy Music (United Kingdom)

New Wave artists starting with 'R': 58 artists in database

Allan RawlingsAmbrose Reynolds
Andy RobertsAndy Rourke
Bent RasmussenBill Rieflin
Burghard RauschC. J. Ramone
Chris RemingtonDave Ruffy
David RhodesDee Dee Ramone
Duncan "Kid" ReidEddie Rayner
Garry RobertsHans Reffert
Ian RitchieJane Relf
Jim RyanJimmy Rip
Joey RamoneJohn Ford
John ReynoldsJohnny Ramone
Keith RelfKira Roessler
Lee RobinsonMark Reback
Mark RyanMarky Ramone
Max RippleMick Rossi
Mike RigbyMike Roberts
Nigel RaePaul Roberts
Paul RobinsonPaul Roessler
Paul RutherfordPaul Rutner
Phil RamPhil Rowland
Ranking RogerRaphael Rudd
Rat ScabiesRay Cowie
Razem RübelRichie Ramone
Rod ReismanRonnie Rocker
Ross TregenzaStephane Reynaud
Steve "Vom" RitchieSteve Robinson
Susan RavenTom Robinson
Tommy RamoneTrevor Reidy

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