Progressive Rock

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0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Picture     Progressive rock (also referred to as prog rock or prog) is a subgenre of rock music that developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s as part of a "mostly British attempt to elevate rock music to new levels of artistic credibility."

     Progressive rock was largely a European movement, and drew most of its influences from classical music and jazz fusion, in contrast to American rock, which was influenced by rhythm & blues and country, although there are notable exceptions in the New World such as Kansas and Rush — considered by many to be the finest examples of the form.

     Progressive rock developed from late 1960s psychedelic rock, as part of a wide-ranging tendency in rock music of this era to draw inspiration from ever more diverse influences. The term was initially applied to the music of bands such as King Crimson, Yes, Genesis, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, and Emerson, Lake & Palmer, reaching its peak of popularity in the mid 1970s.



Progressive Rock bands starting with 'M': 13 bands in database

A.R. & Machines (Germany)Made in Germany (Germany)
Man (United Kingdom)Manband (United Kingdom)
Manfred Mann's Earth Band (United Kingdom)Manpower (United Kingdom)
Masters Apprentices (Australia)Matching Mole (United Kingdom)
May Blitz (United Kingdom)McDonald and Giles (United Kingdom)
Metropolis (Germany)Move (United Kingdom)
Mushroom (Ireland)

Progressive Rock artists starting with 'M': 178 artists in database

"Mooney" MazzoneAndrew McCrorie-Shand
Andrew McCullochAndy Mackay
Andy McCullochAonghus McAnally
Barry MorganBenoit Moerlen
Bernie MarsdenBill MacCormick
Bill MadgeBraam Malherbe
Brian MillerBuddy Mandler
César das MercêsCarole Muriel
Charlie MarianoCharlie McCracken
Chris MercerChris Meyer
Dag MattsonDanny Moss
Dardo MartínezDave MacRae
Dave MarkeeDave Mason
Dave MattacksDave McDougall
Dave MemottDawn Muir
Dek MessecarDes Mills
Dick MorecombeDick Morrissey
Didier MalherbeDieter Meier
Dieter MoebiusDietmar Mainka
Dietrich MarkgrafDik Mik
Dpieter MiekautschEddie McNeil
Eliett MackrellEllen Meier
Francis MonkmanFrancis Moze
Frank MylesFred Maher
Freddie MünsterGünther Moll
Gabriel MagnoGagey Mrozeck
Garth MortonGary Moore
George MeierGeorge Monroe
Gianfranco MeduriGiuliano Molteni
Godfrey McLeanGraham Maitland
György MolnárHarold McNair
Harry MillerHenry McCullough
Herman MeyerIan McDonald
Ian McLaneIan Mosley
Ian MurrayJack McCulloch
Jacky MauerJacques Mercure
Jamie MuirJean-Paul Musette
Jean-Pierre MassieraJiří Matoušek
Jim MathewsJim McCarty
Jim McGillivrayJim Mortimore
Jim MullenJoe Mubare
John MarshallJohn Marshall
John MayhewJohn McKenzie
John MealingJohn Miller
John MoleJohn Murphy
John Norman MitchellJonah Mitchell
Jordi MoletJunior Marvin
Kawabata MakotoKeith Millar
Kenny MountainKephera Moon
Kerry MinnearKevin McCarthy
Kim MerzLothar Meid
Lou MarignanLuiz Moreno
Malcolm MooneyMalcolm Morley
Malcolm MortimoreManfred Mann
Manolo MartínezManuel Mari
Marc MalysterMark Nauseef
Max MiddletonMelvin McRae
Michał MuzolfMichael "Xner" Meixner
Michael McEvoyMichael Moorcock
Michel MaesMichel Martel
Mikael MillerMike Meekham
Mike MoranMystery Man
Neil MurrayNic Martens
Nigel MacaraNigel Morris
Noel McCallaNorman Mayell
Pat MastelottoPatrizia Mauri
Paul MaddenPepe Masides
Pete MayPeter Measroch
Peter MellinPeter Moses
Phil ManningPhil Manzanera
Phil MillerPhil Minton
Pierre MoerlenRainer Marz
Ramsay MackayRenato Molteni
Richard MarcangeloRick Martinez
Rick MorcombeRick Morrison
Rik MartinezRonnie Meyes
Roy MorganSérgio Magrão
Sabine MerbachScott Maxey
Shyamal MaïtraShyamal Maitra
Steve MillerSteve Milliner
Steve MorseStu Martin
Tamás MihályTerje Methi
Terry MacNeilTivo Martínez
Tom McEwanTony Mac
Tony MalisanTony McPhee
Uwe MüllrichVeit Marvos
Vincent MottoulleVivienne McAuliffe
Walt MonaghanWayne Mathews
Werner MonkaZoot Money

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