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   Pop (an abbreviation of the word “popular”) music exists for mass-market appeal. Ideally, the intention of pop music is to achieve instant memorability. Most pop music is developed from a well-structured combination of repetitive melody and lyric lines (referred as “hooks”) that convey messages of varying importance. Pop is even more chameleon-like than rock in the way it can exist in e seemingly endless array of styles while maintaining its essential structural qualities. Generaly pop’s spiritual home is Top 40 and middle-of-the-road adult radio formats.[1]

     Alhough pop is rarely more than a fairly pleasant diversion, at its best it can possess powerful  sentiment  and melodic invention that transcend mere craftsmanship; consider, for example, a deceptively simple song like the BeatlesYesterday”. Exaples: Bread, the Carpenters, Neil Diamond, Michael Bolton, Art Garfunkel, Lionel Richie, Sade, Simply Red, Dione Warwick, and Swing Out Sister.[1]

     Pop rock is description is applied to a commercially accessible blend or pop song craftsmanship and production values, which still incorporates elements of rock’s immediacy. Artists who have delved into this approach include: Bon Jovi, Peter Frampton, Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel,  the Guess Who, Extreme, and World Party.[1]

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Pop Rock bands starting with 'M': 27 bands in database

Danny McCulloch (United Kingdom)Dave Miller Set (Australia)
Magic Lanterns (United Kingdom)Mamas & Papas (United States)
Manfred Mann's Earth Band (United Kingdom)Martian Schoolgirls (United Kingdom)
Matchmakers (United Kingdom)McGuinn, Clark & Hillman (United States)
Meatloaf Soul (United States)Medallions (United States)
Medicine Head (United Kingdom)Method (United Kingdom)
Mindbenders (United Kingdom)Minis (Greece)
Mississippi (Australia)Mixers (Sweden)
Mixtures (Australia)Mojo (United States)
Mondo Rock (Australia)Monochrome Set (United Kingdom)
Moondance (United Kingdom)Moontrekkers (United Kingdom)
Move (United Kingdom)Mud (United Kingdom)
Musicians Union Band (Netrherlands)Roger McGuinn (United States)
Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders (United Kingdom)

Pop Rock artists starting with 'M': 211 artists in database

"Little" Roy MillsØivind Madsen
Alan MairAlan Merrill
Alan MorleyAlastair McKenzie
Allan MarshallAnna Medley
Barbara MorilloBarry Mayger
Bernie MarsdenBill Marshall
Billy McIsaacBob Morris
Bob MosleyBruno Merz
Buddy MilesBuster Meikle
Byron MillerCharlie McCracken
Charlie MusselwhiteChas Mills
Chris MarionChris Mercer
Clem "Paddy" McCartneyDanny Mansolino
Dave MarkeeDave Mason
Dave McDonaldDave McDougall
Dave MeredithDave Miller
Dave MountDavid K. Mathews
David MargenDavid McIntosh
David MoyseDavid Muse
Declan MulliganDee Murray
Dek MessecarDennis Moore
Dennis MorganDiana Mangano
Dieter MeierDon Mancuso
Don MudieDon Mulvaney
Don MurrayDuncan Mackay
Einar MjålandEllen Meier
Eric McCuskerFloyd Marcus
Frank MilleFrank Montoya
Franklin MadjidFreddy Mangili
Gary MallaberGary Moore
Georg MeierGeorge McArdle
George MillerGeorge Monroe
Gerd MüllerGil Matthews
Goldy McJohnGraeme Miller
Graham MaitlandGreg "Too Bad" Morrow
Gunvar MarkenGyörgy Molnár
Henry MarshHoward Martin
Hugh 'H' McDowellIain McClennan
Ian McDonaldIan McLagan
Ian MoncurJack McCulloch
Jack MusciJackie McAuley
Jane MillerJay McGee
Jed MossJerry McKinney
Jim McGinlayJim Messina
Jim MortimoreJimmy Martin
Jimmy McCullochJo Michat
Joe MulherinJoel McDonald
Joey MollandJohn Mayhew
John McBurnieJohn McGeoch
John McInerneyJohn McKay
John MeyerJohn Mower
John Paul MoranJohnny Mann
Jonah MitchellKeith Marshall
Keith MoonKen McCleod
Kenny McDowellKenny Morris
Kerry MinnearKevin Mooney
Kevin MurphyKim Merz
Lance MasseyLou Marignan
Lynn MittellMabron McKinney
Malcolm GreenMalcolm Mortimore
Manfred MannManolo Martínez
Manuel MariMarco Mendoza
Marcus MaloneMark McEntee
Mark NauseefMartin McCarrick
Marty MorinMaurice Metayer
Max MiddletonMeat Loaf
Michael MonarchMick Meehan
Mick WilsonMicky Moody
Mike McCormackMike Moran
Mus MulyadiNeil Merryweather
Neil MurrayNick Van Maarth
Nicko McBrainNigel Macara
Nigel MuntNoel McCalla
Ole Marius MelhuusOliver Marsh
Oreste "Lilio" MalagiaPam Miller
Paoli MejíasPat McAuley
Patrick McBridePaul Mirkovich
Pete MayPete Moules
Peter MackiePeter Martin
Phil McKenziePierre Martin
Randy MeisnerRay Messervy
Ray MulhollandRed McKelvie
Richard MarcangeloRick Melick
Rick MorcombeRob Moore
Robbie McIntoshRobert Metayer
Rod MelvinRoger (Tex) Marsh
Roger McGuinnRoger McKew
Roger McLachlanRon Mahoney
Ron MeagherRonnie Milling
Ronnie MontroseRoyden "Wayne" Morice
Rushton MoreveSam McCue
Sam MitchellSpencer Mallinson
Steve ManshelSteve Marriott
Steve MatthewsSteve McMurray
Steve MillerSteve Mortkowitz
Tamás MihályTat Meager
Terry Lee MiallTerry Moore
Thomas MarshTim Munns
Ting MarkulinTom Marshall
Tommy MoellerTony 'Tex' Makins
Tony MitchellTony Murray
Trevor MoraisTurquoise Marshall
Van MorrisonWayne Fontana
Willy MorcusWolfgang "Pimmel" Mieles
Wyn MilsomWyn Milson
Zoot Money

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