Folk Rock

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0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Picture     The roots of folk rock can be detected in a few pre-1965 recordings by the Seachers and Jackie DeShannon (who helped introduce the ringing, circular 12-string guitar riffs yhat become one of the music’s major trademarks), as well as the Beau Brummels, the Animals superb bluesy inerpretation of traditional folk standard „The House of the Rising Sun”, and Beatles’ own “I’m a Looser”. It took, the Byrds however, to really kick the movement into gear with their electric version of Dylan’sMr. Tambourine Man”, which topped the charts in mid-1965.[1]

    The “rock” in folk rock was always more prominent than the “folk”; all of the above acts had a highly commercial sense of melody, grafting, guitar patterns and somewhat more personal, topical lyrical concerns from folk music into their own superb pop/rock creations. Performers approaching the hybrid from the folk side were less frequent and less commercially successful, but singer/songwriters like Fred, Neil, Phil Ochs, Gordon Lightfoot, Ian & Sylvia, Richard & Mimi Farina, and others proved willing and able to electrify their sound with positive commercial and artistic results.[1]

 While folk rock’s commercial heyday was in1965 and 1966, in truth it has been a strong presence in rock ever since, fading only a marketing term for a sound that was initially perceived by the industry as a fad, not a permanent addition to the rock & roll lexicon. In 1967, L.A. bands Buffalo Springfield and Love would release classic recordings that drew upon folk rock as their core, adding elements of eclecticism and psychedelia.  In late ‘60s, British groups like Fairport Convention and Pentangle achieved perhaps the purest folk rock blend, with nearly equal balances, between the electric and the acoustic, and between modern compositions and traditional numbers.[1]

- Richie Unterberger

1. "All Music Guide to Rock. The Definitive guide to Rock, Pop, and soul". Edited by Vladimir Bogdanov, Chris Woodstra, Stephen Thomas. 3rd Edition. Publisher: Backbeat Books, ISBN 0-87930-653-X. p. 1334

Folk Rock bands starting with 'M': 14 bands in database

Mamas & Papas (United States)Manassas (United States)
Masterminds (United Kingdom)Meal Ticket (United Kingdom)
Medicine Head (United Kingdom)Mississippi (Australia)
Moby Grape (United States)Mojo Men (United States)
Morris On (United Kingdom)Mother Earth (United States)
Mott the Hoople (United Kingdom)Muckram Wakes (United Kingdom)
Mushroom (Ireland)Stephen Stills Manassas (United States)

Folk Rock artists starting with 'M': 76 artists in database

A. Michael MartinezAlan Munde
Andrew McMahonAonghus McAnally
Bill MasudaBob Morris
Bob MosleyBruno Merz
Buddy MilesByron Miller
César das MercêsChris Mercer
Danny MansolinoDave Mattacks
Dave MillenDavid K. Mathews
David MargenDavid McIntosh
David MinerDeclan Mulligan
Dewey MartinDiana Mangano
Don MetchickDon Murray
Doug MorterDougie Meakin
Freddy MangiliGary Mallaber
Gary MarkerGraham Maitland
Ian McDonaldJacques Mercure
Jerry MillerJim Messina
Joey MollandJohn Merrill
John MillerJohn Mower
Johnny MoynihanJon Moore
Julie MatthewsKim Massman
Lance MasseyLarry Marks
Luiz MorenoMarcus Malone
Martin SimpsonMary Macmaster
Michał MuzolfMichel Martel
Mickey McGeeMike Moran
Mike WatersonNeil Marshal
Norris McClurePam Massman
Paoli MejíasPete Maynard
Pete McQueenPeter Martin
Ralph MolinaRandy Markko
Randy MeisnerRon Meagher
Roy MichaelsRoy Morgan
Sérgio MagrãoSam McCue
Sonny MoneSteve Migden
Takashi MatsumotoThad Maxwell
Tom MillerTony Mitchell
Wayne MooreZoot Money

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