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     The term krautrock was originally a humorous one coined by the UK music press (such as New Musical Express and Melody Maker), where krautrock found an early and enthusiastic underground following. The term derives from the ethnic slur "kraut", and its use by the music press was inspired by a track from Amon Düül's " Psychedelic Underground" titled "Mama Düül und Ihre Sauerkrautband Spielt Auf" ('Mama Düül and her Sauerkrautband Start Up.').

    Typical bands dubbed krautrock in the 1970s included Tangerine Dream, Faust, Can, Amon Düül II, Ash Ra Tempel and others associated with the celebrated Cologne-based producers and engineers Dieter Dierks and Conny Plank, such as Neu!, Kraftwerk and Cluster.


Krautrock bands starting with 'L': 5 bands in database

Lava (Germany)Libido (Germany)
Liliental (Germany)Live (Germany)
Lucifer's Friend (Germany)

Krautrock artists starting with 'L': 36 artists in database

Adrian AskewBill Laswell
Bob LeneseCosimo Lampis
Detlev LandmannEnrico Lombardi
Florian LaberGert Lange
Gille LettmannGustl Luetjens
Hans LampeHelmut Lieblang
Herbert J. KalveramJoachim Luhrmann
John LawtonJugen Lorenzen
Karl-Hermann LüerKurt "Zappo" Lüngen
Lemmie LembrechtLeo Lehr
Marque LöwenthalMax Lässer
Norbert LehmannNorbert Leifert
Olaf LietzauPeter Lasarczik
Peter LeopoldRainer Lingk
Sebastian LeitnerThomas Lüdemann
Thomas LohmannUdo Lindenberg
Udo LummerUlrich Leopold
Werner LittauZabba Lindner

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