Punk Rock

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     Typical punk rock instrumentation includes one or two electric guitars, an electric bass, and a drum kit, along with vocals. Punk rock songs tend to be shorter than those of other popular genres—on the Ramones' debut album, for instance, half of the fourteen tracks are under two minutes long. Most early punk rock songs retained a traditional rock 'n' roll verse-chorus form and 4/4 time signature.



Punk Rock bands starting with 'H': 4 bands in database

Hanoi Rocks (Finland)Heartbreakers (United States)
Hollywood Brats (United Kingdom)Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers (United States)

Punk Rock artists starting with 'H': 41 artists in database

Alexander HenselAndy Hobson
Brian HayesCharlie Harper
Chiko HigeChris 'Merrick' Hughes
Chrissie HyndeClaire De Loone
Costello HautamäkiDavid Humphrey
Dickie HammondEric Heywood
Gerry "Gel" HealyGillian Hanna
Grahame HullettHigo Hiroshi
James Honeyman-ScottJason Hill
Jeremy HarringtonJoe Hilscher
John HamiltonJohn Haney
John HartyKenny Hyslop
Kristian HoffmanMark Harrison
Martin H-SonMichelle Hill
Moose HarrisPenelope Houston
Pete "Manic Esso" HaynesPete Howard
Richard HellRichard Hudson
Rob HenleyRobert Handley
Roland HotSarah Hall
Sher-Z HarunaTom Hughes
Topper Headon

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