Experimental Rock

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     Experimental rock or avant-garde rock is a type of music based on rock which experiments with the basic elements of the genre,  or which pushes the boundaries of common composition and performance technique. 

    Performers may also attempt to individualize their music with unconventional time signatures, instrumental tunings, unusual harmony and key signatures, compositional styles, lyrical techniques, elements of other musical genres, singing styles, instrumental effects or custom-made experimental musical instruments.

    Some of the earliest artists which could fall under the term Experimental Rock include Monks, The Mothers of Invention, The Velvet Underground, Fifty Foot Hose, Nico, Captain Beefheart, Silver Apples and others.

Experimental Rock bands starting with 'H': 3 bands in database

Hawkwind (United Kingdom)Horrific Child (France)
Steve Hillage (United Kingdom)

Experimental Rock artists starting with 'H': 52 artists in database

Alexander HenselAllan Holdsworth
Andreas HohmannBasil Hammoudi
Butch HaufCharlie Hart
Chiko HigeDave Havlicek
David HughesDavid Humphrey
Dick Heckstall-SmithEdgar Hofmann
Fritz HilpertGavin Harrison
Gerald HartwigGillian Hanna
Gordon HaskellGordon Hon
Grahame HullettGuido Hieronymus
Hans HartmannHugh Hopper
Jez HuggettJohn Harrison
Josh HagerJudy Hauff
Keith HaleKeith Hartley
Kurt HerkenbergLanse Hapshash
Marc HollanderMichael Harris
Michael HoenigMichelle Hill
Niall HoneNigel Hardy
Norman HalePaul Haslinger
Paul HaylesPeter Holder
Phil HowardRalf Hütter
Robb HuxleyRobert Heaton
Roger HolderRolf Hug
Ross HannafordSimon House
Steve HillageTed Hepworth
Volker HombachYoshiyuki Hida

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