Hard Rock

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0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Picture     The introduction of guitar distortion during the mid 60s created a common ground for blues-influenced rock and psychedelia. The result was an aggressive riff-oriented rock sound.  The wider tonalities offered by distortion and fuzz tone, coupled with the larger, more aggressive role of drums and bass, helped bring about hard rock. The Yardbirds set the stage perfectly for the development of this sound, with their experimental sounds and increasingly unconventional arrangements. The Who also laid the groundwork with their anarchic approach to rhythm and their thick choral guitar voicings. Led Zeppelin, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Steppenwolf, and Deep Purple expanded on thevform.  Over the years, artists like Van Halen, AC/DC, Tesla, and Guns’N’Roses have carried on the spirit of hard rock/heavy metal.1]

    As hard rock became denser and more aggressive-sounding, fans, began grouping for a way to describe the new attitudes. The designation heavy metal  emerged, originating from William Burrough’sNaked Lunch” and later used in Steppenwolf’s biker anthem “Born to be Wild”. Black Sabbath, with their stripped-down half-speed themes of gloom and doom, laid the groundwork for metal as a stage for the exploration of theme concerning evil.1]

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Hard Rock bands starting with 'D': 6 bands in database

Deep Purple (United Kingdom)Detective (United States)
Dirty Tricks (United Kingdom)Dog Soldier (United Kingdom)
Dragonfly (United States)Drosselbart (Germany)

Hard Rock artists starting with 'D': 92 artists in database

Alan DaveyAndy Dalby
Aynsley DunbarBarry Davis
Bob DaisleyBob Dolin
Clive DeamerDannie Davidson
Dave DepravedDave Ditchburn
Dave DonatoDave Dowle
Debbie DavisDel Dettmar
Dennis DunawayEric Davis
Eric DillonFerenc Debreczeni
Frank DostalGary Driscoll
Geoff DownesGeoff Dunn
George DeftyGeorge Doggette
Glen DoveGraham Davies
Greg DouglasGreg Douglass
Greg DouglassGregg Dechert
Ioannis DespotidisJürgen "Dohse" Dose
Jack DuncanJan Dumée
Jay DavisJem Davis
Jesse Ed DavisJim Diamond
Jim DonlingerJinx Dawson
Joanna DeaconJoey Dambra
Joey DunlevyJohn D'Arcy
John DrakeJohnny Depp
Joseph DamrellKenny Daughters
Kenny DriscollKim Dawson
Klaus DannerKurt "Düde" Dürst
Larry DavisLarry Dennison
Lee DormanLes Dudek
Louis DambraMargaret Dorn
Martin DresdenMichael Davis
Michael DevinMick Dyche
Mike DeaconMr Dibs
Nikos DounavisPaul DeMarco
Pete DuntonPeter Dingemans
Peter Van DijkRainer Degner
Ralph DenyerRick Durrett
Ritchie DharmaRod De'Ath
Roger DelfosRonnie James Dio
Roy DykeRuriá Duprat
Rusty DaySimon Davies
Stan DeckerStan Dekker
Steve DrewettTed Demos
Timmy DulaineTimothy Drury
Tiziano DaviTony Day
Uriah DuffyWarren DeMartini
Willie DeeWilly Daffern

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