Blues Rock

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      Blues rock was characterized by bluesy improvisation and long jams.

     A classic example of blues rock is Eric Clapton's "Crossroads" first released on Cream's "Wheels of Fire" album. It was adapted from Robert Johnson's "Cross Road Blues" and "Traveling Riverside Blues".


Blues Rock bands starting with 'A': 30 bands in database

A.B.E. (United States)Aaron Space (Canada)
AC/DC (Australia)Accidental Band (United Kingdom)
After Tea (Netrherlands)Alamo (United States)
Alexander’s Timeless Bloozband (United States)Alexis Korner & Peter Thorup with Snape (United Kingdom)
Alexis Korner & Snape (United Kingdom)Alias (United States)
Allman and Woman (United States)Allman Brothers Band (United States)
Amboy Dukes (United States)American Amboy Dukes (United States)
American Blues (United States)American Blues Exchange (United States)
Ancient Greace (United Kingdom)Andromeda (United Kingdom)
Andy Fraser Band (United Kingdom)Animals (United Kingdom)
Apryl Fool (Japan)Ariel (Australia)
Ashton, Gardner & Dyke (United Kingdom)Atlantis (Germany)
Axis Point (United Kingdom)Duane Allman (United States)
Duane Allman & Gregg Allman (United States)Eric Burdon and the Animals (United Kingdom)
Gregg Allman (United States)Gregg Allman Band (United States)

Blues Rock artists starting with 'A': 65 artists in database

Alex MachinAndy Pyle
Angry AndersonArt Ayre
Brian AugerCarmine Appice
Charles "Packy" AxtonChris Anderson
Chris AylmerClint Alguire
Dave AmbroseDave Anderson
Don AireyDon Andrew
Doug AldrichDuane Allman
Edu AraujoElla Avery
Eric AlbrondaFrancisco Aguabella
Frank AielloGeorge Alexander
Greg AramaGregg Allman
Harold AcevesIan Armit
Jan AkkermanJeff Allen
Joe AllansonJoe Arnold
John "Toad" AndrewsJohn Annas
John AnthonyJohnny Almond
Jorge AmidenJosé "Chepito" Areas
Josep M. AbellaJosh Ace
Kenny AaronsonKenny Aronoff
Khama AugerLamidi Ayankunle
Laurie AllanMarco Anderson
Maria ArcherMartin Ace
Michael AnthonyMiller Anderson
Neemoi "Speedy" AcquayePaul Atkinson
Peter ArnesenRabiu Ayandokun
Ray ArnottRick Adams
Robert AhwaiRobert Arthur
Ron AsperyRuss Alder
Steve AlexanderTim Ayers
Tommy AldridgeTommy Anthony
Tony AshtonVinny Appice
Walti Anselmo

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