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     The scene was primarily a live phenomenon. Many acts suffered in the transition from pub to studio and were unable to recapture their sound. The genre’s primary characteristic is as the name suggests, the pub. By championing smaller venues, the bands reinvigorated a local club scene that had dwindled since the 1960s as bands priced themselves into big theatres and stadia. New aspiring bands could now find venues to play without needing to have a record company behind them.

Pub Rock bands15 bands in database

Pub Rock artists: 134 artists in database

Alan "Bam" KingAlan Anger
Alex YoungAlvaro Peña-Rojas
Andy CichonAngry Anderson
Angus YoungAustin de Lone
Barry CramBarry Ford
Barry RichardsonBill Franz
Billy BraggBob "Cee" Siebenberg
Bob RichardsBob Spencer
Brian "Chico" GreenwoodBrien Hopkins
Chris JonesChris Turner
Clive JohnClive Timperley
Colin BassDai Pritchard
Dallas RoyalDan Kelleher
Dario BortolinDave Charles
Dave SkinnerDave Vasco
David HindsDeke Leonard
Deke O'BrienEd Deane
Ernie GrahamFran Byrne
Freddie SmithGareth Llewellyn Thorrington
Gary QuinceGaspar Lawal
Geordie LeachGeorge Butler
George JonesGeorge Young
Graham KennedyGraham Maitland
Graham ThompsonGreg Jordan
Gregory L. DeweyHarry Vanda
Honest John PlainHowie Casey
Ian CampbellIan Rilen
Jack BlackJack O'Hara
Jake LandtJames Beck
Jeff JonesJim Cuomo
Joe StrummerJoel McDonald
John "Jay" DavidJohn "Pugwash" Weathers
John "Watto" WatsonJohn McKenzie
John MeyerJohn Proud
John SteelJohn Turnbull
John WoodheadJonathan "Jojo" Glemser
Josh AceKen Whaley
Kevin McAleaKevin Spacey
Leigh JohnstonLes Sampson
Lobby LoydeMalcolm Morley
Malcolm YoungMark Evans
Mark HarrisonMartin Ace
Matt HughesMichael "Stork" Vandersluys
Mick CocksMick Molloy
Micky JonesMole
Neil SmithNorman Watt-Roy
Owen OrfordPaul Atkinson
Paul BurtonPaul Carrack
Paul DeMarcoPeter Heckenberg
Peter McFarlanePeter Wells
Phil HarrisPhil Ryan
Phil SpaldingPhilipp Wigg
Randall WallerRay Williams
Rene RobrahnRichard Dudanski
Richard TreeceRick Martinez
Rick MelickRobert Handley
Robin RileyRod Demick
Ruan O'LochlainnRyan O'Lochlainn
Sam MalletScott Johnston
Sean TylaSketa Pereira
Stan GreigSteve Brendall
Steve KingSteve Witherington
Steven RiceStuart Francis
Terry "Tex" ComerTerry Williams
Tim GazeTony Lake
Tony StrainTweke Lewis
Will YouattWilly Finlayson

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