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0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Picture    The prime of British mod rock was very short-almost all of the key records were made in 1965 and 1966. Only two pure “mod” groups, the Who and Small Faces, could be said to have had substantial commercial and artistic impact. And even then, this impact was largely limited to Britain at the time; not only that, by the time they’d been recording for a couple of years, each of those groups had largely moved beyond mod music entirely. Yet mod remains a durable part of rock’s fabric, providing the key link between the British Beat Boom and British psychedelia, and fusing melodic harmonies, power guitar chords, soul/R&B, and distinctly British breeziness into a genuinely new and exciting style that typified British pop it most energetic and effervescent.[1]

     There were a few other fine mod bands in the mid-‘60s that had same degree of success in the U.K.; in the U.S., they are known only to collectors. Prominent among these were in the Creation, who emulated the Who’s feedback screeches and drones, though their material actualy quite poppy. Creation guitarist Eddie Phillips pioneered the use of violin bow on electric guitar before Jimmy Page adapted the device for the Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin.[1]

     It was, perhaps, in the cards that mod wouldn’t last long. The whole mod ethic, after all, was built upon flash, sensation, and living for the moment. It was the type of adrenaline, rush that was difficult, to sustain, particularly as the movement’s leaders, The Who and the Small Faces, quickly evolved into psychedelic-influenced hard rock bands in 1967. The evolution from mod to psychedelia, actually, was fairly natural, as many of the bands were already pioneering the guitar distortion the would be one of psychedelia’s hallmarks, and moving towards more ambitious and personal lyrical statements. Even same of the lesser known mod groups, such as the Creation, the Smoke, John’s Children, and even Wimple Winch (from Liverpool) were moving in a decisively psychedelic direction by 1967, and each case produced work in the idiom that was just the impressive as their mod outings.[1]

- Richie Unterberger

1. "All Music Guide to Rock. The Definitive guide to Rock, Pop, and soul". Edited by Vladimir Bogdanov, Chris Woodstra, Stephen Thomas. 3rd Edition. Publisher: Backbeat Books, ISBN 0-87930-653-X. p. 1321-1322

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Alan BillsAlan Escombe-Wolhuter
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Allan JonesAllan Wilson
Allen EllettAndy Fairweather Low
Andy MitchellAndy Petre
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Austin VernerBarry Allchin
Barry HewittBarry Jenkins
Beer KlaasseBen King
Benny QvotrupBernard Basso
Billy Boy MiskimminBlue Weaver
Bob AinsworthBob Garner
Bob HenritBob Langham
Bob ScrivenBobby Fisher
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Brian AugerBrian Bastow
Brian CocoranBrian Glascock
Brian KatterhornBrian Parker
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Charlie McCrackenChas Chandler
Chris BennettChris Dreja
Chris HolmesChris Kritzinger
Chris LovegroveChris Stone
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Colin BlunstoneColin Wood
Dane StephensDaniel Swan
Daniel van BergenDarian Sahanaja
Dave ClaphamDave Lawson
Dave MaineDave Mason
Dave MeredithDave Pether
Dave PrestonDave Rowberry
Dave SpencerDave Waller
Dave WinthropDavid Beaver
David BookerDavid Cairns
David SmaleDavie Lennox
Dee MurrayDennis Bryon
Dennis SmithDenny Ball
Dexter DalwoodDick Diamonde
Dick Heckstall-SmithDoug Sandom
Earl SlickEddie Campbell
Eddie HardinEddie Phillips
Eric BurdonEric Clapton
Flemming Knud SørensenFrank Aiello
Frank DIxonFred Gandy
Gary LeportGene Latter
Gene MolenaroGeoff Krivit
George LynamGeorge Wood
George YoungGerry Feley
Ginger BakerGordon "Snowy" Fleet
Gordon JacksonGraham Bond
Graham Carter DimmockGraham Gouldman
Gypie MayoHans Klitgaard Larsen
HardyHarry Paul Ward
Harry VandaHarvey Ross
Harvey ShieldHarvey Starr
Heinz HoffHilton Valentine
Hugh "Tudge" WilliamsonHugh Grundy
Ian GillanIan McLagan
Ian MoncurIan Page
Ian StarrIan Whiteman
Jørgen StigJörg "Jockel" Schulte-Eckel
Jack BruceJack Jones
Jack McCullochJacques Eckhardt
Jamie CromptonJeff Allen
Jeff BeckJeff Dean
Jens Henrik DahlJeremy Valentine
Jerry DonahueJim Capaldi
Jim McCartyJim Rodford
Jimmy BilsburyJimmy Hart
Jimmy JohnsonJimmy McCulloch
Jimmy PageJimmy Powell
Jimmy TarbuttonJimmy Winston
Joe AllansonJoey Covington
John "Junior" WoodJohn "Mod" Rogan
John AcuttJohn Allen
John AllsebrookJohn Dalton
John Du CannJohn Entwistle
John GlascockJohn Gustafson
John HalseyJohn Harty
John HawkenJohn Idan
John KerrisonJohn Kinrade
John KnightsbridgeJohn McLaughlin
John SteelJohn Verity
John WeiderJohnny Eaton
Johnny FosterJohnny Kreuger
Johnny RogersJon Hiseman
Julie DriscollKarel "Kid" van Ettinger
Keith AireyKeith Moon
Keith PowellKeith Relf
Keith WestKen Gudman
Ken LawrenceKenney Jones
Kenny AaronsonKenny Godlass
Kenny PickettKenny White
Kevan FogartyKevan Foggerty
Kevin GodleyKevin Mann
Kim GardnerLarry Raspberry
Larry WallLaurie Garman
Len TuckeyLes Jones
Linda MillingtonLong John Baldry
Louis CennamoMal Ford
Mal RitterMark Feltham
Martin PigottMartin Shaw
Martin StoneMatt McIntyre
Michael DunfordMick 'Chippie' Carpenter
Mick "Spud" ThompsonMick Avory
Mick CarterMick Gallagher
Mick HawksworthMick Underwood
Mick WallerMick Weaver
Micky GroomeMike "Oz" Osborne
Mike EvansMike Falana
Mike FewingsMike Gardner
Mike GregoryMike Patto
Mike SmithMike Webb
Muff WinwoodMyke Scavone
Neil JonesNeil Korner
Neil LevineNick Sheppard
Nick TweddellNick Wymer
Nigel OlssonNippy Noya
Norman "Miff" MithamNorman Stracey
Ollie HalsallPaddy Chambers
Pat NealPaul Arnold
Paul AtkinsonPaul Bultitude
Paul ComerfordPaul Samwell-Smith
Paul WellerPeder Jelsbak
Perry JordaanPete Brown
Pete ClarkPete Hogman
Pete McDanielsPete Shannon
Pete TownshendPete York
Peter CowapPeter Garner
Peter MariosaPeter Shoesmith
Peter ThorpePeter Watson
Phil GaynorPhil Heatley
Phil SawyerPoli Palmer
Rainer BleckRandy Ashe
Ray FenwickRay Majors
Ray PhillipsReg King
Richard HenryRick Buckler
Rick WillsRicky Brown
Rob HendryRod Argent
Rod DemickRod Stewart
Roger DaltreyRoger Deane
Roger GloverRoger Groome
Roger PowellRoger Sutton
Ron PattonRon Smith
Ron WoodRonnie George
Ronnie LaneRonnie Smith
Rudolph Alexander Hanius HansenRuss Ballard
Ruud van BuurenSeb Shelton
Sebastian Santa MariaSheila Carter Dimmock
Simon "Boots" AlcotSimon Tourle
Sonny DiNunzioSoren Køch
Spencer DavisSteve Brookes
Steve GoldSteve Grant
Steve GregorySteve Horton
Steve HoweSteve Jacobson
Steve MarriottSteve Rodford
Steve SpeerSteve Valentine
Steve WinwoodStevie Wright
Terry BrennanTerry Crowe
Terry NolderTerry Sylvester
Tom ToomeyTommy Bishop
Tony BarberTony Cahill
Tony CookeTony Dangerfield
Tony LanderTony Liddle
Tony McIntyreTony Munroe
Tony OllardTrevor Williams
TwinkUlli Grün
Vic BriggsWerner Krabb
Wesley StaffordZoot Money

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