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0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Picture     The roots of folk rock can be detected in a few pre-1965 recordings by the Seachers and Jackie DeShannon (who helped introduce the ringing, circular 12-string guitar riffs yhat become one of the music’s major trademarks), as well as the Beau Brummels, the Animals superb bluesy inerpretation of traditional folk standard „The House of the Rising Sun”, and Beatles’ own “I’m a Looser”. It took, the Byrds however, to really kick the movement into gear with their electric version of Dylan’sMr. Tambourine Man”, which topped the charts in mid-1965.[1]

    The “rock” in folk rock was always more prominent than the “folk”; all of the above acts had a highly commercial sense of melody, grafting, guitar patterns and somewhat more personal, topical lyrical concerns from folk music into their own superb pop/rock creations. Performers approaching the hybrid from the folk side were less frequent and less commercially successful, but singer/songwriters like Fred, Neil, Phil Ochs, Gordon Lightfoot, Ian & Sylvia, Richard & Mimi Farina, and others proved willing and able to electrify their sound with positive commercial and artistic results.[1]

 While folk rock’s commercial heyday was in1965 and 1966, in truth it has been a strong presence in rock ever since, fading only a marketing term for a sound that was initially perceived by the industry as a fad, not a permanent addition to the rock & roll lexicon. In 1967, L.A. bands Buffalo Springfield and Love would release classic recordings that drew upon folk rock as their core, adding elements of eclecticism and psychedelia.  In late ‘60s, British groups like Fairport Convention and Pentangle achieved perhaps the purest folk rock blend, with nearly equal balances, between the electric and the acoustic, and between modern compositions and traditional numbers.[1]

- Richie Unterberger

1. "All Music Guide to Rock. The Definitive guide to Rock, Pop, and soul". Edited by Vladimir Bogdanov, Chris Woodstra, Stephen Thomas. 3rd Edition. Publisher: Backbeat Books, ISBN 0-87930-653-X. p. 1334

Folk Rock bands: 170 bands in database

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Achim Reichel (Germany)Agape (Canada)
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Albion Dance Band (United Kingdom)Alco (United Kingdom)
Alexander’s Timeless Bloozband (United States)All Saved Freak Band (United States)
Alun Davies (United Kingdom)Animals (United Kingdom)
Argyles (United States)Ashes (United States)
Ashley Hutchings (United Kingdom)Au Go Go Singers (United States)
Beau Brummels (United States)Beau Gentry (United States)
Beefeaters (United States)Bill Schwartz Quartet (Canada)
Bitter Ind (United States)Blue Boys (United States)
Blue Things (United States)Bodacious D.F. (United States)
Breakout (Poland)Buffalo Springfield (United States)
Bunch (United Kingdom)Bunky and Jake (United States)
Byrds (United States)Castaways (United States)
Cat Stevens (United Kingdom)Children (United States)
Chris Hillman (United States)Clarence White (United States)
Comus (United Kingdom)Country Boys (United States)
Cowboy (United States)CPR (United States)
Crazy Horse (United States)Creedence Clearwater Revival (United States)
Crosby & Nash (United States)Crosby, Stills & Nash (United States)
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (United States)Crowfoot (United States)
David & the Ding-a-Lings (United States)David & the Dorks (United States)
David Crosby (United States)Delaney & Bonnie (United States)
Dickey Betts & Great Southern (United States)Doll by Doll (United Kingdom)
Don Harrison Band (United States)Druids (United Kingdom)
Earthettes (United States)Earthmen (United States)
East of Eden (United Kingdom)Ellis (United Kingdom)
Etchingham Steam Band (United Kingdom)Evergreen Blueshoes (United States)
Five Day Rain (United Kingdom)Flying Burrito Bros (United States)
Flying Circus (Australia)Forminx (Greece)
Free Orbit (Germany)Fresh Maggots (United Kingdom)
Gandalf the Grey (United States)Gene Clark (United States)
Giles, Giles And Fripp (United Kingdom)Gram Parsons (United States)
Gram Parsons & The Fallen Angels (United States)Great Society (United States)
Groop (Australia)Gryphon (United Kingdom)
Habibiyya (United Kingdom)Happy End (Japan)
Hard Times (United States)High Society (United Kingdom)
Hill, Barbata & Ethridge (United States)Hilton Valentine (United Kingdom)
Inga and The Four (Germany)It's a Beautiful Day (United States)
Jefferson Airplane (United States)Jefferson Starship (United States)
Jerry and the Jets (United States)Jerry Garcia & Friends (United States)
Jet Set (United States)Jethro Tull (United Kingdom)
John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris (United Kingdom)John Kongos (South Africa (RSA))
Jonathan Kelly's Outside (United Kingdom)Jorma Kaukonen (United States)
Karthago (Germany)Kashmir (Denmark)
Keith Relf (United Kingdom)Kennelmus (United States)
Kentucky Colonels (United States)L.A. Getaway (United States)
Latinomusicaviva (Chile)Les Baxter's Balladeers (United States)
Les Sauterelles (Switzerland)Lightyears Away (United Kingdom)
Mamas & Papas (United States)Manassas (United States)
Masterminds (United Kingdom)Meal Ticket (United Kingdom)
Medicine Head (United Kingdom)Mississippi (Australia)
Moby Grape (United States)Mojo Men (United States)
Morris On (United Kingdom)Mother Earth (United States)
Mott the Hoople (United Kingdom)Muckram Wakes (United Kingdom)
Mushroom (Ireland)New Kentucky Colonels (United States)
O Terço (Brazil)Okko, Lonzo, Berry, Chris & Timpe (Germany)
Old Swan Band (United Kingdom)Pan (United States)
Panal (Chile)Peanut Butter Conspiracy (United States)
Poco (United States)Preachers (United States)
Quinaimes Band (United States)Riff Raff (United Kingdom)
Rising Sons (United States)Rockets (United States)
Rockin' Horse (United Kingdom)Rod Stewart (United Kingdom)
Roger McGuinn (United States)Rose Garden (United States)
Rotary Connection (United States)Rubayyat (United States)
Santana (United States)Santana Blues Band (United States)
Shirley & Dolly Collins (United Kingdom)Shirley Collins (United Kingdom)
Shirley Collins and The Albion Country Band (United Kingdom)Silly Sisters (United Kingdom)
Siloah (Germany)Skip Battin (United States)
Skip Battin And The Group (United States)Sly and the Mojo Men (United States)
Stackridge (United Kingdom)Stackridge Lemon (United Kingdom)
Stealers Wheel (United Kingdom)Stephen Stills (United States)
Stephen Stills Manassas (United States)Tail Toddle (Netrherlands)
Tea and Symphony (United Kingdom)Teak Battyn & The Battmen (United States)
Thameside Four (United Kingdom)Thamesiders (United Kingdom)
Three's a Crowd (Canada)Thundermother (United Kingdom)
Tiffany System (United States)Trees (United Kingdom)
Tully (Australia)Turtles (United States)
Umps and Dumps (United Kingdom)Vejtables (United States)
Watersons (United Kingdom)Woods Band (Ireland)
XIT (United States)Yankee Dollar (United States)
Yellow Autumn (United States)Yellow Bellow Room Boom (United Kingdom)
Young Tradition (United Kingdom)Ypsilon (Greece)

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