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      Blues rock was characterized by bluesy improvisation and long jams.

     A classic example of blues rock is Eric Clapton's "Crossroads" first released on Cream's "Wheels of Fire" album. It was adapted from Robert Johnson's "Cross Road Blues" and "Traveling Riverside Blues".


Blues Rock bands: 314 bands in database

? and the Mysterians (United States).38 Special (United States)
101ers (United Kingdom)15-60-75 (United States)
4th Cekcion (United States)60,000,000 Buffalo (United States)
8 Days in April (Germany)A Foot in Coldwater (Canada)
A.B. Skhy (United States)A.B.E. (United States)
Aaron Space (Canada)AC/DC (Australia)
Accidental Band (United Kingdom)Achim Reichel (Germany)
Adrian Gurvitz (United Kingdom)After Tea (Netrherlands)
Alamo (United States)Alan Jack Civilization (France)
Alan Price (United Kingdom)Alan Price and the Electric Blues Company (United Kingdom)
Alexander’s Timeless Bloozband (United States)Alexis Korner & Peter Thorup with Snape (United Kingdom)
Alexis Korner & Snape (United Kingdom)Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated (United Kingdom)
Alias (United States)Allman and Woman (United States)
Allman Brothers Band (United States)Amboy Dukes (United States)
American Amboy Dukes (United States)American Blues (United States)
American Blues Exchange (United States)Ancient Greace (United Kingdom)
Andromeda (United Kingdom)Andy Fraser (United Kingdom)
Andy Fraser Band (United Kingdom)Animals (United Kingdom)
Apryl Fool (Japan)Argent (United Kingdom)
Ariel (Australia)Ashton, Gardner & Dyke (United Kingdom)
Atlantis (Germany)Atlee (United States)
Axis Point (United Kingdom)Back Street Crawler (United States)
Bad Co (United Kingdom)Bad Company (United Kingdom)
Baker Gurvitz Army (United Kingdom)Bakerloo (United Kingdom)
Bakerloo Blues Line (United Kingdom)Bandit (United Kingdom)
Bauer, Garn & Dyke (Germany)BBM (United Kingdom)
Beast (United Kingdom)Beau Gentry (United States)
Beck, Bogert & Appice (United Kingdom)Bedlam (United Kingdom)
Bees Make Honey (United Kingdom)Black Cat Bones (United Kingdom)
Black Sabbath (United Kingdom)Black Seep (United States)
Black Sheep (United States)Blackfeather (Australia)
Blind Faith (United Kingdom)Bloodrock (United States)
Bloomfield, Kooper & Stills (United States)Bloontz (United States)
Bloontz All Star Blues Band (United States)Blue Cheer (United States)
Bond + Brown (United Kingdom)Boz (United Kingdom)
Boz People (United Kingdom)Brainbox (Netrherlands)
Breakout (Poland)Broken Glass (United Kingdom)
Brunning / Hall Blues Band (United Kingdom)Brunning Sunflower Blues Band (United Kingdom)
Bulldogg (Germany)Bullfrog (Germany)
Buster Brown (Australia)Butterfingers (United States)
C.C.S. (United Kingdom)Cactus (United States)
Carlos Santana (United States)Carol Grimes and Delivery (United Kingdom)
Carson (Australia)Carson County Band (Australia)
Cellar Dwellers (United States)Chain (Australia)
Chants (Australia)Chants R&B (New Zealand)
Chapman Whitney Streetwalkers (United Kingdom)Chapman-Whitney (United Kingdom)
Chicken Shack (United Kingdom)Chickenfoot (United States)
Cochise (United Kingdom)Collective Consciousness Society (United Kingdom)
Colosseum (United Kingdom)Coloured Balls (Australia)
Copperwine (Australia)Coverdale · Page (United Kingdom)
Cozy Powell (United Kingdom)Crawler (United Kingdom)
Cream (United Kingdom)Creedence Clearwater Revival (United States)
Crowd + 1 (United States)Crowfoot (United States)
Daddy Cool (Australia)David & the Ding-a-Lings (United States)
David & the Dorks (United States)David Coverdale (United Kingdom)
David Coverdale's Whitesnake (United Kingdom)Deep Purple (United Kingdom)
Delaney & Bonnie (United States)Delivery (United Kingdom)
Derek and the Dominos (United States)Dickey Betts (United States)
Dingoes (Australia)Dog Soldier (United Kingdom)
Don Harrison Band (United States)Dr. Henderson's Blues Caravane (Norwey)
Dr. K's Blues Band (United Kingdom)Dragonfly (United States)
Duane Allman (United States)Duane Allman & Gregg Allman (United States)
Earthettes (United States)Earthmen (United States)
Electric Elves (United States)Elf (United States)
Elves (United States)Embryo (Germany)
Epitaph (Germany)Eric Burdon (United Kingdom)
Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon (United States)Eric Burdon and the Animals (United Kingdom)
Eric Burdon Band (United Kingdom)Eric Burdon Brian Auger Band (United Kingdom)
Eric Burdon's Fire Dept. (Germany)Eric Clapton (United Kingdom)
Eric Clapton And The Powerhouse (United Kingdom)Escorts (United States)
Estes Brothers (United States)Faces (United Kingdom)
Fields (United States)Firm (United Kingdom)
Fraternity (Australia)Free (United Kingdom)
Freeway (Australia)Fresh Cream (United Kingdom)
Frumpy (Germany)Geoff Whitehorn (United Kingdom)
Geordie (United Kingdom)Ginger Baker (United Kingdom)
Ginger Baker And His Baker Gurvitz Army (United Kingdom)Ginger Baker's Airforce (United Kingdom)
Ginger Baker's Band (United Kingdom)Glenn Hughes (United Kingdom)
Graham Bond (United Kingdom)Graham Bond Organization (United Kingdom)
Graham Bond With Magick ‎ (United Kingdom)Grand Funk Railroad (United States)
Granny's Intentions (Ireland)Gregg Allman (United States)
Gregg Allman Band (United States)Grinderswitch (United States)
Groundhogs (United Kingdom)Haffy's Whiskey Sour (United Kingdom)
Hardy Hepp (Switzerland)Herbal Mixture (United Kingdom)
Hideaways (United States)Hill, Barbata & Ethridge (United States)
Hilton Valentine (United Kingdom)Hot Shit (United States)
Hot Tuna (United States)Hour Glass (United States)
Humble Pie (United Kingdom)Hummingbird (United Kingdom)
Ian Gillan (United Kingdom)Indelible Murtceps (Australia)
Island (Canada)It's a Beautiful Day (United States)
Ivar Avenue Reunion (Canada)Jasper (United Kingdom)
Jeff Beck (United Kingdom)Jeff Beck Group (United Kingdom)
Jeronimo (Germany)Jerry and the Jets (United States)
Jerry Garcia & Friends (United States)Jethro Tull (United Kingdom)
John "Rabbit" Bundrick (United States)John Kay & The Sparrow (Canada)
John Weider (United Kingdom)Johnny Kongos and the G-Men (South Africa (RSA))
Jorma Kaukonen (United States)Keef Hartley (United Kingdom)
Keef Hartley Band (United Kingdom)Keef Hartley Big Band (United Kingdom)
Keith Relf (United Kingdom)Kevin Borich Express (Australia)
KGB (United States)Killing Floor (United Kingdom)
Kjoe (Netrherlands)Kossoff Kirke Tetsu Rabbit (United Kingdom)
Krokodil (Switzerland)L.A. Getaway (United States)
Lagger Blues Machine (Belgium)Larry Raspberry and the Highsteppers (United States)
Leaf Hound (United Kingdom)Leigh Stephens (United States)
Livin' Blues (Netrherlands)Loading Zone (United States)
Lobby Loyde & The Coloured Balls (Australia)Long John Baldry & The Hoochie Coochie Men (United Kingdom)
Loved Ones (Australia)Lynard Skynard (United States)
Lynyrd Skynyrd (United States)Mama Lion (United States)
Man (United Kingdom)Marcus Hook Roll Band (United Kingdom)
Masters Apprentices (Australia)May Blitz (United Kingdom)
MC5 (United States)Medicine Head (United Kingdom)
Mick Ralphs (United Kingdom)Mighty Kong (Australia)
Moby Grape (United States)Molly Hatchet (United States)
Moonrider (United Kingdom)Mother Earth (United States)
Motor City Five (United States)Mythology (United Kingdom)
Naturals (United States)New Blues (United States)
Noyes (Australia)Numbers Band (United States)
O Terço (Brazil)Other Half (United States)
Otis Redding (United States)Otis Waygood Blues Band (Rhodesia (Zimbabwe))
Oxford Circle (United States)Paddy, Klaus & Gibson (United Kingdom)
Paice Ashton Lord (United Kingdom)Parrish & Gurvitz (United Kingdom)
Patto (United Kingdom)Paul Kossoff (United Kingdom)
Paul Rodgers (United Kingdom)Pentagon (Germany)
Phil Rudd (Australia)Polka Tulk Blues Band (United Kingdom)
Purple Hearts (Australia)Q65 (Netrherlands)
Question Mark and the Mysterians (United States)Quicksilver (United States)
Quicksilver Messenger Service (United States)Quiet Melon (United Kingdom)
Randy Holden (United States)Remo 4 (United Kingdom)
Remo Four (United Kingdom)Rhinoceros (United States)
Rising Sons (United States)Rod Stewart (United Kingdom)
Ronnie Montrose (United States)Rose Tattoo (Australia)
Santa Barbara Machine Head (United Kingdom)Santana (United States)
Santana Blues Band (United States)Sawbuck (United States)
Sea Level (United States)Sharks (United Kingdom)
Simon Kirke (United Kingdom)Simon Stokes and The Nighthawks (United States)
Sir Lord Baltimore (United States)Skid Row (Ireland)
Snafu (United Kingdom)Snape (United Kingdom)
Sparrow (Canada)Spectrum (Australia)
Stan Webb's Chicken Shack (United Kingdom)Starliners (United States)
Steamhammer (United Kingdom)Steampacket (United Kingdom)
Stephen Stills (United States)Steppenwolf (United States)
Steve Winwood (United Kingdom)Stillwater (Australia)
Stoneground (United States)Strawberry Dust (United Kingdom)
Stray Dog (United States)Streetwalkers (United Kingdom)
Stud (United Kingdom)Sweathog (United States)
T.I.M.E. (United States)Tabaco (Spain)
Taste (Ireland)Tea Time Four (United Kingdom)
Tear Gas (United Kingdom)Thirty Eight Special (United States)
Three Man Army (United Kingdom)Tongue & Groove (United States)
Traffic (United Kingdom)Tramp (United Kingdom)
Trapeze (United Kingdom)Uncle Dog (United Kingdom)
Vinegar Joe (United Kingdom)Vodka Collins (Japan)
Warlocks (United States)Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders (United Kingdom)
Web (United Kingdom)Western Flyer (Australia)
Wet Willie (United States)Whitesnake (United Kingdom)
Widowmaker (United Kingdom)Yardbirds (United Kingdom)
Young Flowers (Denmark)ZZ Top (United States)

Blues Rock artists1968 artists in database

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