Alternative rock

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    By 1984, a majority of groups signed to independent record labels mined from a variety of rock and particularly 1960s rock influences. This represented a sharp break from the futuristic, hyper-rational post-punk years.

   Throughout the 1980s, alternative rock remained mainly an underground phenomenon. While on occasion a song would become a commercial hit or albums would receive critical praise in mainstream publications like Rolling Stone, alternative rock in the 1980s was primarily featured on independent record labels, fanzines, and college radio stations. Alternative bands built underground followings by touring constantly and by regularly releasing low-budget albums. In the case of the United States, new bands would form in the wake of previous bands, which created an extensive underground circuit in America, filled with different scenes in various parts of the country. Although American alternative artists of the 1980s never generated spectacular album sales, they exerted a considerable influence on later alternative musicians and laid the groundwork for their success. By 1989 the genre had become popular enough that a package tour featuring New OrderPublic Image Limited and The Sugarcubes toured the United States arena circuit.


Alternative rock bands20 bands in database

Alternative rock artists: 251 artists in database

Adam AntAdam Seymour
Adrian WyattAlan Lee Shaw
Algy WardAllan Dias
André CymoneAndy Hobson
Andy PrinceAndy Rourke
Andy WarrenAnthony Martinez
Barry AdamsonBaz Warne
Ben BrierleyBen Mandelson
BidBill Laswell
Bill MacCormickBill Stevenson
Billy FiccaBilly Idol
Billy ZoomBlair Cunningham
Bob DickinsonBob Ethington
Bob JessieBob Ward
Bogdan WiczlingBoz Boorer
Brandon PertzbornBrian James
Brian MigdolBruce Smith
Bruce WitkinBryn Merrick
BudgieC. J. Ramone
C'el RevueltaCaptain Sensible
Carey FortuneCarrie Booth
Charlie HarperChris Bashford
Chris BennettChris Bostock
Chris ButlerChris Constantinou
Chrissie HyndeChuck Biscuits
Chuck DukowskiCindy Wilson
Colin ScotCraig Packham
D.J. BonebrakeDarrell Bath
Dave AlvinDave Birch
Dave CollardDave Formula
Dave GreenfieldDave Klein
Dave LeachDave Martin
Dave RuffyDave Vanian
Dave WinthropDavey Jones
David CairnsDavid Ferguson
David HumphreyDavid Rhodes
Dee Dee RamoneDennis Smith
Dez CadenaDon Snow
Eddie EdwardsEmil Johnson
Eric HeywoodExene Cervenka
Foz FosterFred Schneider
Fred SmithGarrie Dreadful
Gary TibbsGene October
Geoff ColvilleGeoff Sewell
Glen "Spot" LockettGreg Ginn
Greg Van CookGregory Moore
Hans WärmlingHarvey Gold
Henry BadowskiHenry Rollins
Howard DevotoHugh Cornwell
Ian PageIan Woodcock
Jah WobbleJames Honeyman-Scott
James StevensonJames Walbourne
Jamie AbethellJean-Jacques Burnel
Jeff DalyJeffrey Piccinini
Jennifer DenittoJeremy Harrington
Jet BlackJim Walker
Jimmy RipJoey Ramone
John DoeJohn Doyle
John EllisJohn Haney
John LydonJohn McGeoch
John McKayJohn Paul Moran
John ReynoldsJohn Towe
John Valentine CarruthersJohnny Marr
Johnny RamoneJohny Britten
Jon "Stan" WhiteJon Klein
Jon ThurlowJonnie Dee
KansasKate Pierson
Keith LeveneKeith Morris
Keith StricklandKen Lockie
Kenny MorrisKip
Kira RoesslerKnox
Knox ChandlerKris Dollimore
Lee MorellLester Square
Lexington CraneLu Edmonds
Mal AslingMalcolm Foster
Marco PirroniMark Duncan
Mark LaffMark Price
Mark RathboneMarky Ramone
Martin AtkinsMartin Chambers
Martin DroverMartin Jackson
Martin McCarrickMartin Stacey
Martyn SwainMat Sargeant
Michael AylwardMick Basher
Mickie OwenMike Slocombe
Mike VallelyMonty Oxymoron
Moose HarrisMorris Windsor
Nappy LemansNeil McDonald
Nic AustinNicholas Wesolowski
Nick PeckhamNick Wilkinson
Nigel BennettNigel Hardy
Noel ThompsonNoko
Orson PresencePat Collier
Patricia MorrisonPaul "Shirley" Shepley
Paul BultitudePaul Gray
Paul LincolnPaul Myers
Paul PackhamPaul Roberts
Paul SpencerPete Dimmock
Pete FarndonPete Honkamaki
Pete JonesPete Phipps
Peter FentonPhil Ram
Ralph CarneyRalph Legnini
Rat ScabiesRichard Dudanski
Richard HellRichard Lloyd
Richie RamoneRicky Wilson
Rob MarcheRob Miller
Rob SymmonsRobbie McIntosh
Robbie TartRobert Smith
Roberto "ROBO" ValverdeRobin Simon
Roman JuggRon Reyes
Scott FirthSean Mcluskey
Seb SheltonSid Vicious
Simon AinleySimon Croft
Simon VitesseSiouxsie Sioux
Stephen "Spartman" AtkinsonSteve Brummell
Steve CorfieldSteve J. Jones
Steve TannettSteve Wilkin
Steven SeverinStu West
Stuart AustinStuart Soulsby
Susan RavenT. M. Stevens
Tim BriffaTim Griffin
Tom VerlaineTommy Ramone
Tony BarberTony Gilkyson
Tony JamesTrevor Reidy
Tyler SmithVic Godard
Willie Dowling

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