Rhythm and Blues

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United Kingdom

Years: 1963 - 1964
Styles: Mod Rock, Rhythm and Blues


Barry Hewitt - Bass Guitar (in band: 1963 - 1964)
Tony McIntyre - Drums (in band: 1963 - 1964)
Steve Marriott - Lead vocals, Rhythm guitar (in band: 1963 - 1964)
John Weider - Lead guitar (in band: 1963 - 1964)
Allen Ellett - Keyboards, Vocals (in band: 1963 - 1964)

Biography Picture     The Moments started out being called the Frantiks or the Frantik Ones, later changed to Steve Marriott and the Moonlights, and finally becoming the Moments.

    The Frantiks recorded a cover version of Cliff Richard's song "Move It" with former  Shadows  drummer Tony Meehan  who  was brought in to help with production. Despite the single being hawked around the major record companies no one was interested and the song was consequently never released. It was at this point that original members Dennis Thompson and Johnny Herve quit the group and Marriott changed the bands' name to Steve Marriott and The Moments. The new line-up now had Barry Hewitt on bass, Tony McIntyre on drums, Steve Marriott on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, John Weider (ex Johnny Kidd and the Pirates) on lead guitar and Allen Ellett on keyboards and vocals.

     The band performed concerts as often as six nights a week, including spots at the Flamingo and London's 100 Club. As a result, they achieved a loyal mod following; particularly around their hometown the East End of London and Essex. The band started to write their own material, a blend of soul with fast and furious R&B.

     For a short period in March 1964 Marriott briefly changed the name of the band again, this time to the Wondering Ones, a month later he changed it back to The Moments this is noted by Mark Lewisohn who was the Beatles' chronicler. In 1964 the Moments were asked by the World Artists label to provide a cover of the Kinks hit "You Really Got Me" for American release only, with a B-side "Money Money", but the song bombed and Marriott's fellow songwriter Ellet left the band.

    In October 1964 the Moments told Marriott he was no longer wanted in the group, they wanted someone older to represent the band, and so Marriott was given his marching orders. Former member Ellet pointed out that the group were often called Steve Marriott's Moments making them appear as if they were just a backing band and this had started to grate on the other members and may have been a contributing factor in their decision.

    The Moments never hit the big time, though original founding member Steve Marriott did, early the next year, 1965, with Small Faces.

    In 2008, Barry Hewitt, the bass player in The Moments chanced upon an un-played acetate recorded back in 1964. A conversation with Whapping Wharf’s John Hellier led the unheard recordings to Acid Jazz, where they have been coupled with The Moments only release, the impossibly rare "You Really Got Me"/"Money Money" (US World Artists 1964) for a limited edition 7 inch vinyl EP.

    The Moments started the Rare Mod E.P series, followed by Les Fleur De Lys, The Mule Skinners, The Richard Kent Style.

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Singles & EPs

You Really Got Me (Sep, 1964)
Steve Marriott's Moments EP (Oct 6, 2008)

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