Southern Rock

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Ram Jam
United States

Years: 1976 - 1994
Styles: Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Southern Rock


Bill Bartlett - Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, Vocals (in band: 1977 - 1978)
Howie Blauvelt - Bass Guitar (in band: 1977-1978)
Myke Scavone - Vocals (in band: 1977-1978)
Pete Charles - Drums (in band: 1977-1978)


Sherwin Ross - Vocals (in band: 1976)
Dennis Feldman - Bass Guitar (in band: 1976)
David Beck - Keyboards (in band: 1976)
Glen Dove - Drums (in band: 1976)
Gregg Hoffman - Guitar (in band: 1976; 1994)
Jimmy Santoro - Lead guitar (in band: 1978 - 1979)
Don Chaffin - Vocals (in band: 1994)

Biography Picture    Ram Jam was an American rock band formed in New York in 1977, prominently known for their hit single "Black Betty" in 1977.

     The band consisted of Bill Bartlett (guitar), Howie Arthur Blauvelt (bass), Pete Charles (drums), and Myke Scavone (lead vocals). Also, Jimmy Santoro, who toured with the band in support of their debut album, joined on guitar for the follow-up album. Bartlett was formerly lead  guitarist  for  bubblegum  group  The Lemon Pipers, while Blauvelt played with Billy Joel in several bands: The Echoes (also renamed The Lost Souls and  then  The Commandos),  The Hassles and El Primo.

    Their subsequent album "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ram" achieved little success, despite the addition of Long Island, New York lead guitarist Jimmy Santoro. The  Portrait  album was re-issued on Rock Candy Records from England in 2006. It is listed in the Top 100 lists in Martin Popoff’s book "The Collector’s Guide to Heavy Metal Volume 1: The Seventies". The album's heaviness was attributed to Santoro’s guitar and Scavone’s vocal power. Bartlett had left the group by then and did not play on the album.

     Ram Jam also released a third album entitled "Thank You Mam" in 1994, on Bud Music in Germany (Catalogue number: CHP 61508). It contains yet another re-make of "Black Betty" entitled "Black Betty '95", now with a more dance oriented touch. The album is still hard rock, but very commercial.



Ram Jam (1977)
Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Ram (1978)
Thank You Mam (1994)

Singles & EPs

Black Betty / I Should Have Known (May, 1977)
Keep Your Hands On The Wheel (Sep, 1977)
Black Betty (Mar, 1978)
Pretty Poison (1978)

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