Psychedelic Rock

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United States

Years: 1968 - Dec 13, 1974
Styles: Acid Rock, Christian Rock, Hard Rock, Psychedelic Rock


Fred Caban - Guitar, Vocals
Mike Jungkman - Drums, Vocals
John Peckhart - Bass Guitar (in band: 1968 - 1972)


Richard Greenburg - Bass Guitar (in band: 1972 - 1974)
Jim Hess - Keyboards (in band: 1972-1974)

Biography Picture     Agape was a hippie-era psychedelic hard rock act that used the music of youth rebellion to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Fred Caban was a young guitarist from Azusa, CA, who became a born-again Christian shortly after graduating from high school in 1968.

     Caban formed the band with bassist John Peckhart and drummer Mike Jungkman. They were one of the earliest Christian rock bands, established in a time when the music they played was still being shunned by established churches.

     Agape performed wherever they could, on beaches, in schools, and in parks, and released their debut album "Gospel Hard Rock" in 1971. The band added keyboardist Jim Hess and released "Victims of Tradition" in 1972, which featured a more progressive approach, as well as a front cover that pictured the group performing in a graveyard.

       Original copies of Agape albums are very rare today, and can fetch as much as 300 dollars from collectors due to the unique appeal of their "hippies at Sunday school" vibe. In 1996, Hidden Vision Records released a CD, called "The Problem Is Sin: Live and Unreleased", that compiles demos for an unfinished third album, live performances taken from a promotional eight-track cassette that was distributed to local radio stations in 1973, and a brand new instrumental track performed by a reconstituted version of the band.

      Agape disbanded with a farewell concert on December 13, 1974.

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Gospel Hard Rock (1971)
Victims Of Tradition (1972)
Problem is Sin (1996)

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