Southern Rock

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Delaney & Bonnie
United States

Years: 1968 - 1972
Styles: Blues Rock, Classic Rock, Country Rock, Folk Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Southern Rock


Delaney Bramlett - Guitar, Vocals (in band: 1968 - 1972)
Bonnie Bramlett - Vocals (in band: 1968 - 1972)

Biography Picture    Delaney Bramlett and his wife Bonnie record a series of blues and country influenced albums in the late ’60s and early ‘70s A variety of musicians played in Delaney & Bonnie’s band, including Eric Clapton, Dave Mason, Duane Allman, Leon Russell, Rita Coolidge, Jim Gordon, Bobby Whitlock,  and Carl Radle; Clapton, Gordon, Whitlock and Radle formed Derek & The Dominoes after performing together on Delaney & Bonnie’s 1969-70 tour. Delaney & Bonnie’s records were a strong influence on Eric Clapton’s style in the ‘70s. The band broke up after the Bramlett’s marriage collapsed in 1972.[1]

     Delaney Bramlett and Leon Russell had many connections in the music business through their work in the Shindogs, and were able to quickly form a band of solid, if transient, musicians around Delaney and Bonnie. The band became known as "Delaney & Bonnie and Friends" due to its regular changes of personnel. They secured a recording contract with Stax Records, and completed work on their first album, "Home", in early 1969.[2]

     On the strength of "Accept No Substitute", and at his friend Harrison's suggestion, Eric Clapton took Delaney & Bonnie and Friends on the road in mid-1969 as the opening act for his band Blind Faith. Clapton became fast friends with Delaney, Bonnie and their band, preferring their music to Blind Faith's - impressed by their live performances, he would often appear on stage with Delaney & Bonnie and Friends during this period, and continued to record and tour with them following Blind Faith's October 1969 breakup. Clapton helped broker a new record deal for Delaney and Bonnie with his then-US label, Atco(Atlantic) Records, and appears (with HarrisonDave Mason, and others) on Delaney and Bonnie's third album, the live "On Tour with Eric Clapton" (Atco; recorded in the UK 7 December 1969, released in North America March 1970).[2]

     The band's other notable activities during this period include participation (with Grateful DeadThe Band and Janis Joplin) on the 1970 Festival Express tour of Canada, with an appearance at the Strawberry Fields Festival; an appearance in Richard C. Sarafian's 1971 film "Vanishing Point", contributing the song "You Got to Believe" to its soundtrack; and a July 1971 live show broadcast by New York's WABC-FM (now WPLJ), backed by Duane AllmanGregg Allman and King Curtis.[2]

     By late 1971 Delaney and Bonnie's often-tempestuous relationship began to show signs of strain. Their next album "Country Life" was rejected by Atco on grounds of poor quality, with Atco/Atlantic electing to sell Delaney and Bonnie's recording contract - including this album's master tapes - to CBS as a result. Columbia/CBS released this album, in a different track sequence from that submitted to Atco, as "D&B Together" in March 1972. It would be Delaney and Bonnie's last album of new material, as the couple divorced in 1973.[2]

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Home (May, 1969)
The Original Delaney & Bonnie: Accept No Substitute (Jul, 1969)
To Bonnie from Delaney (Sep, 1970)
Genesis (1971)
Motel Shot (Mar, 1971)
D&B Together (Mar, 1972)

Singles & EPs

It's Been A Long Time Coming (Jul, 1968)
Get Ourselves Together (May, 1969)
When The Battle Is Over (May, 1969)
Comin' Home (Dec, 1969)
Hard To Say Goodbye (Dec, 1969)
Free The People / Soul Shake (May, 1970)
They Call It Rock And Roll Music (Oct, 1970)
They Call It Rock And Roll Music (Nov, 1970)
Never Ending Song Of Love (Mar, 1971)
Only You Know And I Know (Sep, 1971)
Move 'Em Out (Dec, 1971)
Where There's A Will There's A Way (Apr, 1972)
Wade In The River Jordan (May 5, 1972)

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