Southern Rock

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Dickey Betts Band
United States

Styles: Southern Rock


Marty Privette - Backing vocals, Bass Guitar (in band: 1988)
Matt Abts - Backing vocals, Drums (in band: 1988)
Warren Haynes - Backing vocals, Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, Slide guitar (in band: 1988)
Johnny Neel - Backing vocals, Hammond organ, Harp, Keyboards, Vocals (in band: 1988)
Butch Trucks - Percussion (in band: 1988)
Dickey Betts - Lead guitar, Lead vocals, Rhythm guitar (in band: 1988; 2001)


Mark Greenberg - Drums
Kris Jensen - Alto saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Tenor saxophone (in band: 2001)
David Soltz - Bass Guitar (in band: 2001)
Frankie Lombardi - Backing vocals, Drums, Percussion (in band: 2001)
Mark May - Guitar, Slide guitar, Vocals (in band: 2001)
Matt Zeiner - Hammond organ, Piano, Vocals (in band: 2001)

Biography Picture     The Allman Brothers reformed in 1979 for the album "Enlightened Rogues".. Several albums would follow with various personnel changes until steadily declining record and concert ticket sales and tensions around management issues led the group to again disband in 1982.

    Betts returned to his solo career, performing live at smaller venues and releasing the album "Pattern Disruptive" in 1988. When a one-off reunion tour was proposed in support of the ABB "Dreams" box set released in 1989 to commemorate the bands 20th anniversary, Betts' solo band again supplied the ABB's other guitarist, this time slide guitar master Warren Haynes.  The one-off tour's success resulted in a permanent reunion which absorbed Betts' energies for the remainder of the '90's.

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Pattern Disruptive (1988)
Let's Get Together (2001)

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