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Virginia Wolf
United Kingdom

Years: 1977 - 1988
Styles: Hard Rock, Pop Rock, Power Pop


Nick Bold - Guitar


Jo Burt - Bass Guitar
Jason Bonham - Drums
Spike Edney - Keyboards
Chris Ousey - Vocals
David Jon Hinson - Keyboards

Biography Picture     Virginia Wolf was a British rock band of the 1970s and 1980s. Their albums included "Virginia Wolf" and "Push". The band existed from 1977 until 1988, and featured Nick Bold on lead guitar throughout. Chris Ousey (later of Heartland) was the vocalist for most of this time and Jason Bonham (son of John Bonham) was the drummer on both their albums.

     The band was formed in Worsley near Manchester. The first 'self titled' album was produced by Roger Taylor (Queen). In 1986, to promote the album, the band toured the U.S. with The Firm (Jimmy Page -Led Zeppelin; Paul Rogers - Free, Bad Company, Queen). In 1987 the band (Bold; Ousey; Bonham; Burt & Hinson) flew back to the US to record their 2nd album "Push" which was recorded in Berkeley, CA and produced by Kevin Elson (Journey), ably assisted by Wally Buck. After returning to the UK, the band played 3 farewell shows in each of their respective cities. after which they disbanded.

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Virginia Wolf (1986)
Push (1987)

Singles & EPs

Waiting For Your Love / Take A Chance (1986)
Don't Break Away / Open Door (1987)

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