Blues Rock

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Mick Ralphs
United Kingdom

Years: 1968 - present
Styles: Blues Rock, Glam Rock, Hard Rock


Mick Ralphs - Guitar, Vocals


Simon Kirke - Drums (in band: 1984)
Vicki Brown - Backing vocals (in band: 1984)
Sam Brown - Backing vocals (in band: 1984)
Mick Feat - Bass Guitar (in band: 1984)
BJ Cole - Steel guitar (in band: 1984)

Biography Picture    Michael Geoffrey Ralphs is an English guitarist and songwriter, who was a founding member of rock bands Mott the Hoople and Bad Company.

   Ralphs began his career as a teenager, playing with blues-rock band the Buddies. He released a single with that group in 1964 before joining the Doc Thomas Group in 1966. After an eponymous Italian album debut, the band changed its name twice, first to Silence in 1968 and then, in 1969, to Mott the Hoople. Ralphs remained with Mott the Hoople until 1973.

  In 1974, he founded Bad Company along with vocalist Paul Rodgers from Free.

   In 1984, he toured with Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour on Gilmour's About Face tour. In 1985, he released a solo album, "Take This", which included Bad Company's drummer Simon Kirke.

  Ralphs second solo album "It's All Good", an instrumental, came out in 2001. Two years later his "That's Life – Can't Get Enough" album was released, including a demo version of "Can't Get Enough".

    In 2011, Ralphs formed The Mick Ralphs Blues Band with Stuart Son Maxwell, harmonica;vocals; Jim Maving, guitar; Sam Kelly, drums; Dickey Baldwin, bass.


Take This! (1984)
It's All Good (Oct 15, 2001)
That's Life - Can't Get Enough (Feb 4, 2003)

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