Power Pop

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Years: 1967 - May, 1971
Styles: Bubblegum Rock, Hard Rock, Pop Rock, Power Pop, Psychedelic Rock


John D'Arcy - Guitar, Vocals (in band: 1967 - 1968)
Ted Higgins - Drums (in band: 1967 - 1968)
Darryl Cotton - Vocals (in band: 1967 - 1971)
Beeb Birtles - Bass Guitar (in band: 1967 - 1971)


Steve Stone - Guitar (in band: 1968)
Rick Brewer - Drums (in band: 1968 - 1971)
Roger Hicks - Guitar (in band: 1969)
Rick Springfield - Guitar, Vocals (in band: 1969 - 1971)

Biography Picture     Zoot were a pop/rock band formed in Adelaide, South Australia in 1965 as Down the Line. They changed their name to Zoot in 1967 and by 1968 had relocated to Melbourne. They had a top five hit on the Go-Set national singles chart with a heavy rock cover of The Beatles' ballad "Eleanor Rigby" released in 1970; but they disbanded in May 1971.

     Like so many groups at the time, Zoot were drawn along by the rapid stylistic shifts of that uncertain period and they suffered under some ill-advised management decisions that led to them being tagged as a lightweight 'bubblegum' act — an undeserved reputation which overshadowed their fine musicianship and their genuine desire to be taken seriously.

     Zoot was one of several significant Aussie bands that emerged from the fertile musical hothouse of Adelaide in the mid-1960s -- the same scene that produced The Masters Apprentices and The Twilights. When the Zoot moved from hometown Adelaide to Melbourne in 1968, the band's management gave it a bubble-gum image, centred on the slogan Think Pink, Think Zoot'. The band dressed entirely in pink outfits. It took Zoot until 1971, just before disbanding, to shake the image and achieve musical credibility.


Just Zoot (Jul, 1970)

Singles & EPs

You'd Better Get Goin' (Aug, 1968)
One Times, Two Times, Three Times, Four (Jan, 1969)
Monty And Me (Jun, 1969)
About Time / Sha La La (Oct, 1969)
4 Shades Of Pink (1970)
Hey Pinky / Strange Things (Apr, 1970)
Eleanor Rigby / Turn Your Head (Dec, 1970)
The Freak / Evil Child (Apr, 1971)

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