Psychedelic Rock

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Peanut Butter Conspiracy
United States

Years: 1966 - 1970
Styles: Folk Rock, Psychedelic Rock


Barbara Robison - Vocals
Alan Brackett - Bass Guitar, Vocals
John Merrill - Guitar, Vocals
Lance Fent - Lead guitar
Jim Voigt - Drums


Bill Wolff - Guitar
Ralph Shuckett - Keyboards
Michael Ney - Drums
Pete McQueen - Drums

Biography Picture

    The Peanut Butter Conspiracy was an American psychedelic pop/rock group in the 1960s. They formed in Los Angeles in August 1966 out of the ashes of the folk-rock group The Ashes, who included John Merrill, Barbara "Sandi" Robison, Alan Brackett, Spencer Dryden and Jim Cherniss. The group had earlier been known as The Young Swingers. Dryden left The Ashes (May '66) to replace Skip Spence in Jefferson Airplane, Robison left (June '66) to give birth, and the group temporarily disbanded.

   Alan Brackett hooked up with a new guitarist, Lance Baker Fent, and a new drummer, Jim Voigt, naming the new trio The Crossing Guards. Merrill and Robison rejoined, and the five-piece band became The Peanut Butter Conspiracy.

  The group signed with Columbia Records in late 1966, releasing a single "It's A Happening Thing", which reached No. 93 on the national pop chart. The band's first album, "The Peanut Butter Conspiracy Is Spreading", followed, produced by Usher who brought in studio musicians including Glen Campbell and James Burton to bolster the group's sound. 

   The Peanut Butter Conspiracy undertook a final tour and split up about 1970.

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The Peanut Butter Conspiracy Is Spreading (Mar, 1967)
The Great Conspiracy (Dec, 1967)
For Children of All Ages (1969)

Singles & EPs

It's A Happening Thing (Jan 16, 1967)
Dark On You Now (Mar 20, 1967)
Time Is After You (May, 1967)
Turn On A Friend (To A Good Life) (Oct 24, 1967)
I'm A Fool (Oct 8, 1968)
Back In L.A. / Have A Little Faith (Aug, 1969)

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