Psychedelic Rock

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United States

Years: 1970 - 1990
Styles: Folk Rock, Funk Rock, Hard Rock, Psychedelic Rock


Tom Bee - Drums
Leeja Herrera - Drums, Percussion
Jomac Suazo - Bass Guitar
R. C. Gariss - Lead guitar, Vocals
A. Michael Martinez - Lead guitar, Vocals

Biography Picture

     XIT is a Native American rock band that released two albums in the 1970s on the Motown label, and regrouped in the 1990s as a new and different group under Tom Bee. They performed a 30th anniversary reunion concert and released a DVD, "XIT: Without Reservation", in 2002.

      XIT was originally based in Albuquerque,  New Mexico. 

    Original XIT, also known as The OX Boyz, consists of A.Michael Martinez, Mac Suazo, Lee Herrera, R.C. Garriss and Tom Bee. Recipients of a Lifetime Achievement award from the Native American Music Awards (NAMMYS), these guys have been making and playing music across Turtle Island for years.

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Plight Of The Redman (1972)
Silent Warrior (1973)
Entrance (1974)
Relocation (1976)

Singles & EPs

I Was Raised (Sep 29, 1972)
Reservation Of Education (Nov 2, 1973)

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