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Years: 1962 - 1987; 1994 - present
Styles: Beat, Hard Rock, Pop Rock, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Space Rock


János Kóbor - Percussion, Rhythm guitar, Vocals
László Benkő - Arp Omni Synthesizer, Fender piano, Flute, Grand piano, Hohner Claviner, Keyboards, Mellotron, Moog synthesizer, Organ, Piano, Trumpet, Vocals, Zither
András Kovacsics - Guitar
Péter Láng - Saxophone (in band: 1962 - 1963)
Tamás Künsztler - Drums (in band: 1962 - 1964)
István Varsányi - Bass Guitar (in band: 1962 - 1967)


László Harmat - Saxophone (in band: 1963 - 1964)
Mária Wittek - Vocals (in band: 1964 - 1967)
Tamás Somló - Saxophone, Vocals (in band: 1964 - 1968)
József Laux - Congas, Drums, Percussion (in band: 1964 - 1971)
Gábor Presser - Flute, Keyboards, Organ, Piano, Vibraphone , Vocals (in band: 1967 - 1971)
Tamás Mihály - Acoustic guitar , Bass Guitar, Cello, Keyboards, Mellotron, Piano, Vocals (in band: 1967 - present)
György Molnár - 12 string guitar, Acoustic guitar , Balalaika, Harmonica, Lead guitar (in band: 1967 - present)
Ferenc Debreczeni - Congas, Drums, Marimba, Percussion, Tubular bells, Vibraphone (in band: 1971-present)

Biography Picture    The most successful Hungarian rock band in history, Omega was formed in 1962 in Budapest by a group of friends. They initially performed covers of British and American rock songs, frequently changing the lineup of members.

      First "official" concert of the band Omega in 23.09.1962. The first line up of Omega included László Benkő - keyboards, flute; János Kóbor - vocals, guitar; András Kovacsics - guitar; István Varsányi - bass; Péter Láng - saxophon and Tamás Künsztler  - drums. Some month later József Laux  replaces Tamás Künsztler on the drums.

   In 1967 Tamás Mihály came on bass, Gábor Presser joined on keyboards and began writing original music for the band (in 1968 György Molnár became a lead guitarist), contributing to the release of three LPs before leaving the band with József Laux, a drummer from 1962, to form Locomotiv GT in spring 1971. In Great Britain they recorded the album Omega Red Star "From Hungary". Later that year, they issued their first Hungarian LP "Trombitás Frédi és a Rettenetes Emberek" ("Trumpeter Freddy and the Terrible People") that became their first golden album. The band sealed their success with two subsequent LPs: "10,000 Lépés" ("10,000 Steps") and "Éjszakai Országút" ("On the Highway at Night"). Their 1969 song "Gyöngyhajú lány" ("The Girl With Pearls in Her Hair") became their first international hit.

    With László Benkö, who was the band's original keyboardist and then played trumpet and flute, reassuming his initial position and Ferenc Debreceni becoming the new drummer, Omega reached its final lineup: János Kóbor (vocals), Tamás Mihály (bass, vocals), Ferenc Debreceni (drums), György Molnár (guitars), and László Benkö (keyboards, vocals).

      This lineup of Omega released ten more albums from 1972 Pictureo 1987. Many of these were released both in Hungarian and in English. Omega's fourth album, "200 évvel Az Utolsó Háború Után" ("200 Years After the Last War") (1972), was not released due to censorship problems. Following a few years of inactivity, the band reunited in 1994, with former member Gábor Presser joining them at concerts and contributing several tracks to 1995's "Trans And Dance".

    Omega has sold (2013) approximately more than 50 millions of records around the world. Their most popular album is "Gammapolis", which sold around 650,000 copies. Omega were well known for producing exciting live concerts with an accent on light shows and quality sound. They are by far the longest-running Hungarian rock band.


From Hungary (1968)
Trombitás Frédi És A Rettenetes Emberek (1968)
10000 Lépés (1969)
Éjszakai Országút (1970)
Omega (1972)
Omega 5 (1973)
200 Years After the Last War (1974)
Omega III (1974)
Omega 6: Nem tudom a neved (1975)
The Hall of Floaters in the Sky (1975)
Time Robber (1976)
Omega 7: Időrabló (1977)
Skyrover (1978)
Omega 8: Csillagok Útján (1978)
Gammapolis (1978)
Omega X: Az arc (1981)
Working (1981)
XI (1982)
Omega 12 - A Föld Árnyékos Oldalán (1986)
Omega XIII: Babylon (1987)
Trans and Dance (1995)
200 Évvel Az Utolsó Háború Után (1998)
Omega XV: Egy életre szól (1998)
Szvit (1999)
Égi Jel (2006)
Rhapsody (2010)

Singles & EPs

Paint It Black / Bus Stop (1966)
Bend It / I Put A Spell On You (1966)
Little Man / What Now My Love (1966)
Sunny / No Milk Today (1966)
Megbántottál / Nem vagy szép (1967)
Azt mondta az anyukám / Rózsafák (1967)
Ismertem egy lányt / Szeretnék visszamenni hozzád (1967)
Nem új a nap alatt semmi / Nem szeretlek (1967)
Volt egy bohóc / Nem tilthatom meg (1968)
Trombitás Frédi / Ha én szél lehetnék (1968)
Naplemente / Régi csibészek (1969)
Ballada A Fegyverkovács Fiáról / Snuki (1970)
Dead (Are the) Flowers / The Prodigal Son (1970)
Petróleumlámpa / Gyöngyhajú lány (1970)
Sötét a város / Ülök a hóban (1970)
Kiskarácsony-nagykarácsony / Kállai kettős (1970)
Régvárt Kedvesem / 200 Évvel Az Utolsó Háború Után (1971)
Pearls In Her Hair / The Lying Girl (1973)
Everytime She Steps In / The Bird (1974)
Live as Long As / Spanish Guitar (1975)
A könyvelő álma / Az égben lebegők csarnoka (1976)
Skyrover / Russian Winter (1978)
Rush Hour / Lady of the Summer Night (Mar, 1979)
Miss World (1994)
Break The Chain / Tower Of Babel (1996)
Egy Életre Szól (1998)
Tower Of Babel (2004)
Meghívás (2006)

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