Psychedelic Rock

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Years: 1967 - 1969
Styles: Psychedelic Rock


Louis Campbell McKelvey - Guitar


Jack "Geisinger" August - Bass Guitar
Bobo Island - Organ, Piano
Andy Keiller - Vocals
Walter Rossi - Guitar
David Wynne - Drums
Yum Yum - Drums

Biography Picture     Influence debuted on 1 June 1967 at the Barrel, a small Montreal club, opening for jazz musicians like Sonny Murray and Archie Shepp.

     In late August, the group relocated to Toronto and debuted at Boris’ Red Gas Room in the city's Yorkville Village on September 2, 1967. The group performed regularly at the venue over the next two months before travelling to New York during November to record an album for ABC Records at Bell Studios with producer Dennis Minogue.

     Back in Montreal, Influence replaced Wynne with former Soul Mates’ drummer Frank LoRusso (aka Yum Yum). Back in Toronto, Influence resumed live work, appearing at the El Patio from August 31- September 1 but soon afterwards, founding member Louis McKelvey left the band and returned to England for six months. The remaining musicians carried on as Influence but broke up in early 1969 when Walter Rossi joined The Buddy Miles Express.


Influence (1968)

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