Southern Rock

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United States

Years: 1973 - 1982
Styles: Blues Rock, Southern Rock


Dru Lombar - Guitar, Lead vocals, Slide guitar, Vocals
Joe Dan Petty - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Rick Burnett - Drums
Larry Howard - Guitar, Vocals (in band: 1973 - 1980)


Paul Hornsby - Clavinet, Keyboards, Organ
Jack Corcoran - Guitar
Steve Miller - Backing vocals, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Wally Condon - Drums
Chris Anderson - Lead guitar, Vocals
Austin Pettit - Guitar, Vocals
Eddie Stone - Backing vocals, Keyboards, Vocals (in band: 2000 - present)

Biography Picture

     Grinderswitch was formed in 1973, while original members Dru Lombar, Larry Howard, Joe Dan Petty and Rich Burnett lived together in farm, practicing and writing songs. 

     With the release of their first album came non-stop touring with The Allman Brothers Band, The Marshall  Tucker Band, The Charlie Daniels Band, Wet Willie and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

     For the next three years the band stayed on the road and released the critically acclaimed "Macon Tracks" and "Pullin Together". Then in 1976 after returning from a major European tour with MTB and Bonnie Bramlett, Grinderswitch entered the studio to record what would become their biggest album "Redwing". But their label had financial problems, times were tough, but the band stuck together.

     In late 70’s when disco started to rose its ugly head, like with many other bands, Grinderswitch’s record sales suffered and they finally broke up in 1982 after releasing 5 albums between 1974 and 1982.

      In 2004 Dru Lombar put Grinderswitch back together with new members Wally Condon on drums, Eddie Stone (from Doc Holliday fame) on keyboards , Jack Corcaran on guitar and Steve Miller on bass. They released new album "Ghost Train From Georgia" in 2005, but Dru Lombar’s death in September 2005 put Grinderswitch back to rest for good. 


Honest to Goodness (1974)
Macon Tracks (1975)
Pullin' Together (1976)
Redwing (1977)
Right On Time (1978)
Have Band Will Travel (1981)
Ghost Train From Georgia (Sep 12, 2005)

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