Folk Rock

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Guilbeau & Parsons
United States

Years: 1967
Styles: Country Rock


Gib Guilbeau - Fiddle, Guitar, Vocals (in band: 1967)
Gene Parsons - Banjo, Drums, Harmonica (in band: 1967)

Biography Picture     Gene Victor Parsons is an American drummer, banjo player, guitarist, singer-songwriter, and innovative engineer, best known for his work with The Byrds from 1968 to 1972.

     Gene Parsons (not to be confused with  Gram Parsons, to whom he is not related) has also released solo albums and played in bands including The Flying Burrito Brothers, and Parsons Green.

     His professional musical career began when he joined up with guitarist and fiddle player Gib Guilbeau in the duo Guilbeau & Parsons. Later the duo was joined by Clarence White, former guitarist with the Kentucky Colonels, and bassist Wayne Moore to form the short-lived country-rock band Nashville West, named after a club where the band often performed.

     Floyd August "Gib" Guilbeau is an American country rock musician and songwriter. As a member of Nashville WestSwampwater, and the Flying Burrito Brothers, Gib Guilbeau helped pioneer the fusion of rock and country music in the 1960s.

     Guilbeau was born in Sunset, Louisiana and raised among fiddle players. His father and brothers played fiddle, and he himself started playing fiddle at the age of fourteen.


Singles & EPs

Louisiana Rain (1967)
Your Gentle Way's Of Lovin' Me (1968)

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