Psychedelic Rock

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United Kingdom

Years: 1969 - 1972
Styles: Pop Rock, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock


John Ford - Bass Guitar (in band: 1968)
Richard Hudson - Drums (in band: 1968)
Iain Hines - Keyboards (in band: 1968 - 1972)
Norrie Devine - Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone (in band: 1968 - 1972)
Steve Hart - Vocals (in band: 1968 - 1972)
Dave Plotel - Guitar (in band: 1968 -1972)


Jimmy Wiley - Bass Guitar (in band: ? - 1972)
Glyn Havard - Bass Guitar, Vocals (in band: 1968)
Jon Plotel - Bass Guitar (in band: 1968 - ?)
Peter Curtain - Drums (in band: 1968 - 1972)
John Etheridge - Guitar (in band: 1972)

Biography Picture

    London-based outfit  Icarus was formed in 1968, with a line-up consisting of Steve Hart (vocals) Iain Hines (keyboards) Norrie Devine  (sax, flute, clarinet) David Plotel (guitar) John Ford (bass) and Richard Hudson (drums)

     Ford soon left and was replaced by Glyn Havard - or vice versa - history is a bit unclear on that point and not made any clearer with both bass-players being credited on their first release – the single "The Devil Rides Out" b/w "You're In Life" issued on the Spark label in 1968.

     The band later signed to Pye Records and there were a few more line-up changes with Hudson and Ford (or Havard, depending on sources) leaving, to be replaced by Peter Curtain on drums and John Plotel (the brother of then guitarist David Plotel) on bass. Later to be replaced by bassist Jimmy Wiley.

     Why are all these confusing line-up changes relevant you may well ask? The answer is that there appears to be some discrepancy on who was in the band when they cut their one and only album The Marvel World Of Icarus recorded in May/June of 1972 and released later the same year.

     The confusion arises from the fact that guitarist David Plotel left the band after the recording and prior to the album’s release and was replaced by John Etheridge. The credits, however, list John Etheridge as the guitarist.

      Not for nothing, the credits also included their superhero ‘alter-egos’: Steve 'Hulk' Hart (vocals), John 'Spiderman' Etheridge (guitar), Jimmy 'Thing' Wiley (bass), Iain 'Thor' Hines (keyboards), Norrie ‘Daredevil' Devine (sax, flute, clarinet), Peter 'Conan The Barbarian' Curtain (drums)

     However, this is a minor inconsistency compared to what was (or wasn’t) to happen next. As legend has it, Marvel Comics soon found out about the album and a legal dispute between Pye Records and Marvel ensued.

     Confusingly, there are differing versions of events with recordollectormag stating “the album stiffed due to poor promotion as opposed to being at the wrong end of a Marvel Comics lawsuit.

     Without an album to promote the band didn't last for much longer, and by the end of 1972 Icarus disbanded.



The Marvel World Of Icarus (1972)

Singles & EPs

The Devil Rides Out (Jul 5, 1968)
Love Is A Thing (1971)

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