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Bad Company
United Kingdom

Years: 1973 - 1982; 1986 - 2002; 2009 - present
Styles: Blues Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Southern Rock


Mick Ralphs - Backing vocals, Guitar, Keyboards (in band: 1973 – 1982; 1986 – 2000; 2008 – present)
Simon Kirke - Drums, Guitar, Percussion, Vocals (in band: 1973 – 1982; 1986 – 2002; 2008 – present)
Boz Burrell - Bass Guitar, Vocals (in band: 1973 – 1982; 1986; 1998 – 1999)
Paul Rodgers - Accordion, Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards, Piano, Synthesizer, Vocals (in band: 1973 – 1982; 1998 – 2002; 2008 – present)


Steve Price - Backing vocals, Bass Guitar (in band: 1986 - 1989)
Brian Howe - Saxophone, Vocals (in band: 1986 - 1994)
Gregg Dechert - Keyboards (in band: 1986- 1987)
Larry Oakes - Backing vocals, Guitar, Keyboards (in band: 1988 0 1989)
Paul Cullen - Bass Guitar (in band: 1990 - 1992)
Geoff Whitehorn - Guitar (in band: 1990 -1991)
Rick Wills - Bass Guitar (in band: 1992 - 1998; 2001)
Dave "Bucket" Colwell - Backing vocals, Guitar, Keyboards (in band: 1992 – 1998; 2001 – 2002)
Robert Hart - Vocals (in band: 1994 - 1998)
Jaz Lochrie - Bass Guitar (in band: 2002; 2008)
Lynn Sorensen - Bass Guitar (in band: 2008 - 2010)
Howard Leese - Guitar (in band: 2008 - present)
Todd Ronning - Bass Guitar (in band: 2012 - present)
Rich Robinson - Backing vocals, Guitar (in band: 2016)
Felix Krish - Bass Guitar (in band: Jun, 1990 - Apr, 1991)


Old Music Encyclopedia Picture      Bad Company formed in late summer 1973, by the English seasoned-pro foursome of Paul Rogers and Simon Kirke (both ex-Free), plus Mick Ralphs and Boz  Burrell. They got together to form this power-rock supergroup, taking their name from a 1972 Western film  staring Jeff Bridges.[1]

     Led Zeppelin manager Peter Grant, signed the band to his new Swan Song labelin 1974 and they hit the big time almost immediately.  No.1 in America, No.3 in the UK, their eponymous debut album set the blueprint; driving music per excellence with Rogers heavy, soulful vocals set against a rock solid musical backdrop. These were songs that were built to last, and indeed they have, it’s just a pity the cock-rock lyrics haven’t aged quite so well.[1]

     Then again, with such timeless melodic fare as „Can’t get Enough of Your Love” and „Bad Company”, maybe the lyrics are besides the point (it was the 70’s after all). „Straight Shooter” (1975) was a bit tougher, yet ultimately more of same. No bad thing, with nthe classic „Feel Like Makin’ Love” on par with Free’s best efforts. Within such a limited framework, however, there was never much room for experimentation and it was probably inevitable that Bad Company would begin to tread water as they waded through the murky tail end of the 70’s.[1]

      Nevetheless, they continued to sell bucketloads of records and put bums on seat right up until their 1983 parting shot, „Rough Diamonds”. While Rogers went to solo work, Bad Co, reformed three years leter with ex-Ted Nugent frontman, Brien Howe, taking Rogers’place. Their subsequent releases were lukewarm AOR folder without saving grace of the latter’s voice, although they sold moderately.[1]

     Come the 90’s, Ralphs was the only remaining member from the orginal line-up.[1]

     In mid 1990`s Howe left the band and solo artist Robert Hart replaced him. Also other guitarist Dave Colwell & basist Rick Wills joined to group.[1]

    Hart the right to perform write and record songs and albums and receive royalty payments as a full Bad Company member. In 1995, Hart co wrote the album "Company of Strangers" and in 1996 another album, "Stories Told & Untold", plus three live albums between 1994 and 2001.

    In 1998 Rodgers and Kirke were discussing release of an extensive compilation album with a biography and pictures for the fans. Rodgers decided the album should include four new songs. He finally reunited with the other three original members in the studio to record these four new tracks.

     In 2005 Paul Rodgers began touring and playing Bad Company songs with Queen.The CD and DVD of their collaboration was released in 2005 called "Return of the Champions" with songs by Queen, Bad Company and Free.

1. The Great Rock Discography - Martin C.Strong, 1st Edition, Publisher: Crown Publishers, ISBN-10: 0812931114, p. 41


Bad Company (Jun 26, 1974)
Straight Shooter (Apr 2, 1975)
Run with the Pack (Feb 21, 1976)
Burnin' Sky (Mar 3, 1977)
Desolation Angels (Mar 17, 1979)
Rough Diamonds (Aug, 1982)
Fame and Fortune (Oct, 1986)
Dangerous Age (Aug 23, 1988)
Holy Water (Jun 12, 1990)
Here Comes Trouble (Sep 22, 1992)
Company of Strangers (Jun 6, 1995)
Stories Told & Untold (Oct 15, 1996)

Singles & EPs

Can't Get Enough (May, 1974)
Movin' On (Jan, 1975)
Good Lovin' Gone Bad (Mar, 1974)
Feel Like Makin' Love (Aug, 1975)
Run With The Pack (Mar, 1976)
Young Blood (Mar, 1976)
Honey Child (Jun, 1976)
Everything I Need (Feb, 1977)
Burnin' Sky (May, 1977)
Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy (Mar, 1979)
Gone, Gone, Gone (Jul, 1979)
Electricland (Sep, 1982)
This Love / Tell It Like It Is (Nov, 1986)
Fame And Fortune (Feb, 1987)
That Girl / I'm Sleeping (Feb, 1987)
No Smoke Without A Fire (Aug, 1988)
Shake It Up (Apr, 1989)
Holy Water (1990)
Can't Get Enough (Apr 11, 1990)
If You Needed Somebody (Apr, 1991)
How About That (1992)
This Could Be The One (Nov, 1992)

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