Punk Rock

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United Kingdom

Years: 1978
Styles: Punk Rock


Morrissey - Vocals (in band: 1978)
Peter Crooks - Bass Guitar (in band: 1978)
Billy Duffy - Guitar (in band: 1978)
Toby Toman - Drums (in band: 1978)

Biography Picture    Eddie Garrity (Ed Banger), lead singer of the band - originally called Wild Ram - worked as a roadie for fellow Wythenshawe band Slaughter & The Dogs at their gig supporting the Sex Pistols along with  Buzzcocks  at  Manchester's  Lesser Free Trade Hall on 20 July 1976.

    When the crowd at the gig became violent and Garrity and a friend were injured, someone said, "You're a right bloody mob aren't you? Headbanger here and him with a nosebleed", inspiring Wild Ram's transformation into Ed Banger and the Nosebleeds.

    Vini Reilly, later of The Durutti Column played guitar, Garrity sang, Tomanov (Toby) played drums and Peter Crookes played bass. The band began to argue over money and shortly thereafter, Garrity and Reilly left the band.

     In late 1977 Billy Duffy replaced Vini Reilly and Morrissey replaced Ed Banger and subsequently they shortened the group's name to The NosebleeedsEd Banger ended up in a later incarnation of Slaughter And The Dogs while Vini Reilly formed Durutti ColumnPete Crooks  and Toby Toman continued on as The Nosebleeds.

    The new lineup played several gigs, one of which was well reviewed in the New Musical Express. "The Nosebleeds re-surface boasting a Front Man With Charisma, always an advantage", wrote reviewer Paul Morley. "Lead singer is now minor local legend Steve Morrison [sic], who, in his own way, is at least aware that rock 'n' roll is about magic, and inspiration."

     The Nosebleeds split up in 1978.

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