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New Hearts
United Kingdom

Years: June 1977 - 1978
Styles: Mod Rock, Power Pop, Punk Rock


Matt McIntyre - Drums (in band: 1977)
Ian Page - Vocals (in band: 1977 - 1978)
David Cairns - Guitar (in band: 1977 - 1978)
John Harty - Bass Guitar (in band: 1977 - 1978)


Jamie Crompton - Drums (in band: 1978)

Biography Picture

    New Hearts evolved out of college band Splitz Kidz, who met at Loughton, Ian Page (vocals), David Cairns (guitar), John Harty (bass) and drummer Rob Milne. At the start of 1977, Milne was replaced by Matt McIntyre that they owe about £70,000 he later drummed with The Clash on the Anarchy In The UK tour). Renaming themselves New Hearts, they were signed by CBS Records at the height of punk rock just two months after their debut gig, and with an average age of just 17, directly from CBS managing director Maurice Oberstein, who had taken a personal interest in the band.

    New Hearts recorded two singles for CBS, "(Just Another) Teenage Anthem" and the Martin Gordon-produced "Plain Jane", inspired by acts like Dr. Feelgood and Eddie & The Hot Rods. They also supported The Jam during their lengthy UK Modern World tour, and accompanied them at the 1978 Reading Festival, where they were joined on stage by Hawkwind guitarist Huw Lloyd Langton. Disillusioned, Page and Cairns then folded New Hearts, and set about creating a new band inspired by the dress code and musical stylings of the 1960s mod movement, changing their name to Secret Affair and leading the whole mod revival movement.

     In October 2009, a new CD containing 23 songs (20 for CBS and three pre-CBS demos) was issued by Cherry Red Records. Nineteen of the recordings were previously.



A Secret Affair The CBS Sessions 1977-1978 (2009)

Singles & EPs

Just Another Teenage Anthem (Nov 18, 1977)
Plain Jane (Jun 9, 1978)

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