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Secret Affair
United Kingdom

Years: 1979–1982; 2002–present
Styles: Alternative rock, Mod Rock, Power Pop


Ian Page - Hammond organ, Keyboards, Lead vocals, Piano, Trumpet, Vocals (in band: 1979 - 1982; 2002 – present)
David Cairns - 12 string acoustic guitar, 12 string guitar, Guitar, Vocals (in band: 1979 - 1982; 2002 – present)


Chris Bennett - Drums (in band: 1979)
Seb Shelton - Drums, Percussion, Timpani (in band: 1979 - 1980)
Dennis Smith - Backing vocals, Bass Guitar (in band: 1979 - 1982; 2002 - 2003)
Dave Winthrop - Saxophone (in band: 1979 - 1982; 2002 - 2008)
Paul Bultitude - Drums (in band: 1980 - 1982; 2002 - 2003)

Biography Picture

    Secret Affair (Ian Page, Dave Cairns, Dennis Smith & Seb Shelton) formed in 1979 from their previous incarnation as the “power pop” band New Hearts .

    In a period of a little over two years, they posted five releases in the UK Singles Chart, and released three albums. The debut single “Time For Action” sold over 200,000 copies and reached number 13 in the UK chart, putting them at the forefront of the mod revival movement. More chart success followed with “Let Your Heart Dance”, “My World” and “Sound Of Confusion”. They also drew up plans for a smart-dressing youth movement – the Glory Boys – based around the idea of 1960s gangster chic, influenced by the movie, Performance.

    In 1979 Page and Cairns enlisted the services of bassist Dennis Smith, drummer Seb Shelton and saxophone player Dave Winthrop. From their very first gig, opening for The Jam at Reading University in February 1979, the band were adopted by a group of East End mods, who readily embraced Page’s Glory Boy concept. This group of fans began referring to themselves as Glory Boys. Secret Affair had become so closely linked to the emerging mod revival that in March 1979 Cairns wrote what would become the youth movement’s main anthem, “Time For Action”.

     Secret Affair were soon signed to Arista Records and formed their own label, I-Spy Records. After "Time For Action" charted it was soon followed by “Let Your Heart Dance”, “My World” and “Sound Of Confusion”. Their first two albums, "Glory Boys" (December 1979) and "Behind Closed Doors" (September 1980), with its more complex orchestrated arrangements, proved successful and in their first year Secret Affair regularly appeared on the BBC Television show Top Of The Pops, and were cover stars of many UK music magazines, including New Musical Express, Sounds and Smash Hits.

    The mod movement that had swept Secret Affair into the pop charts had all but evaporated by mid 1980, losing out to the rival 2 Tone fashion movement, and after the release of the band’s second album, drummer Shelton quit to join the “Come On Eileen” era Dexys Midnight Runners. Secret Affair regrouped, recruiting ex-Advertising drummer Paul Bultitude and embarking on a lengthy tour of the United States, before returning in late 1981 with their final chart hit, “Do You Know?” One more single followed, “Lost In The Night”, before the release of "Business As Usual", an album that saw the band return to the rock-soul fusion of their earlier work.

    More recently new CD releases included a new album featuring New HeartsA Secret Affair” charting the bands early career with CBS as New Hearts, a "Singles Collection" featuring all the bands A and B sides, released January 2011.

     September 7th 2012 saw the release of the band’s first studio album "Soho Dreams” after 33 years, on their iconic and original label I-Spy Records and was showcased March 13th 2013 at Madame JoJo’s in the heart of Soho. The album features the new 8 piece line-up with full horn section and guest hammond supremo Andy Fairclough. After a successful 14 date tour last year the band continue to tour throughout 2014.

   Founder members: Ian Page, Lead Vocals, Trumpet, Keyboard. Dave Cairns Guitar & vocals. Complementing the line-up are: Russ Baxter on Drums, Ed Pearson on bass and Andy Fairclough on Hammond. The line up includes a new brass section with Stephen Wilcock on sax, Steve Rinaldi on trombone, and Tim Panell on trumpet.



Glory Boys (1979)
Behind Closed Doors (1980)
Business As Usual (Jan 29, 1982)
Soho Dreams (2012)

Singles & EPs

Time For Action (Aug 14, 1979)
Let Your Heart Dance (Oct 26, 1979)
My World (Feb 22, 1980)
Sound Of Confusion (Aug 8, 1980)
Do You Know (Oct, 1981)
Lost In The Night (Mack The Knife) (Feb, 1982)
Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) (Oct 7, 2016)

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