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Years: 1973 - ????
Styles: Jazz Rock, Krautrock, Space Rock


Thomas Kretzschmer - Guitar
Carsten Bohn - Drums


Klaus Briest - Bass Guitar
Jim Wiley - Bass Guitar
Manfred "Manne" Rürup - Keyboards
Michael Kobs - Keyboards
Willi Pape - Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone
Olaf Casalich - Percussion

Biography Picture      Carsten Bohn was a pilllar of the first wave of German Rock bands. He drummed for the City Preachers (1969) , then for Frumpy (1970-1972) before creating in 1973, the band Dennis, named after his son, with Frumpy bandmate Thomas Kretschmer.

    The band's headquarters was an old village school outside of Hamburg, where the band lived and rehearsed with often-changing line-ups including Manfred Rürup (Tommorrow's Gift) and Michael Kops on keyboards, Thomas Kretschmer (Ex-Frumpy) on guitar, Klaus Briest (Xhol), Jim Wiley on bass, Willi Pape (Thirsty Moon) on sax and flute, Olaf Cassalich (Ougenweide) on percussion and Carsten Bohn on drums & percussion.

     The music itself was based on collective improvisation, with either a rockier edge or a jazzier feeling, depending on the musicians, recalling Thirsty Moon or Tommorrow's Gift.



Hyperthalamus (1975)

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