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United States

Years: 1975 - 1981
Styles: Art Rock, Classic Rock, Progressive Rock


Brad Love - Keyboards, Lead vocals, Piano


Paul Madden - Fender Rhodes , Hammond organ, Keyboards, Mellotron, MiniMoog
Toby Bowen - Backing vocals, Guitar, Lead guitar
Richard Bryans - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Doug Love - Backing vocals, Bass Guitar, Percussion
Ken Steimonts - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Tony Dart - Drums

Biography Picture     Aviary release one album on Epic in 1979 . A bit of AOR or stadium rock mixed with a great deal of progressive elements shown in complex songwriting, plus amazing solo and harmony vocal performances.

    Aviary were often described as the greatest pomp rock band of the 70's. Grandiose, pompous and bombastic, the unique songwriting talent of Brad Love and the musical skills he and his four fellow band members bring to this album, make it sill, some twenty years later, a very special piece of music.


Aviary (1979)
Ambition (2003)
Heartless (2015)

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