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Demon Thor

Years: 1971 - 1973
Styles: Krautrock, Progressive Rock


Thomas Fortmann - Lead vocals, Piano, Zither


Stephen Nuesch - 12 string guitar, Guitar, Mellotron, Organ, Piano, Spinet, Synthesizer
Claude Thoman - Bongos, Drums, Percussion
Ricardo Aebi - Bass Guitar
Karl Gsteiger - Trombone
Madeline Bach - Acoustic guitar , Lead vocals
Corrine Fortmann - Vocals
Liselotte Frey - Violin, Vocals
Geff Harrison - Vocals

Biography Picture     The project of one Tommy Fortman, Demon Thor were more a borderline pop-rock band on the whole, with a very Anglo-American style. Their finest moment was the conceptual opus "Written In The Sky", of which the side-long title track was full of invention, mainly due to being aided by a number of notorious Krautrock musicians, for an apocalyptic rock-opera suite drawing-in elements of the Twenty Sixty Six And Then and Emergency styles. It would be really good if it weren't for the dreadful "gospel" singers towards the end!

     Despite its short existence, Demon Thor was one of the most sensational, continental rock groups in the 70's. It was the very first German band performing on the legendary TV-Show "Musikladen", the very first performance act in the "Circus Kronebau" in the city of Munich, Germany; the band won music awards in France and England, and both of their albums were published world wide by United Artists. The band was a Swiss rock-scene fusion between Tommy Fortmann and Krokodil, as well as singer Geff Harrison (Twenty Sixty Six And Then), Peter Bischof, and Oliver Freytag. The two full-length albums were re-released on CD (using its original covers) by Spalax France.



Anno 1972 (1972)
Written In The Sky (1973)

Singles & EPs

Billy The Kid (1971)
East And West (1973)
Pink Mary (1973)
For One Little Moment (1973)

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