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Hartmut Enke

Birth date: Oct 20, 1952
Birth country: Germany
Death date: Dec 27, 2005
Instruments: Bass Guitar, Guitar, Synthesizer


Ash Ra Tempel (1971 – 1973)

Biography Picture

    Hartmut Enke was a German musician, best known as the bass guitarist in Ash Ra Tempel.

     Hartmut Enke formed his first band with Manuel Göttsching at his 15th birthday party in 1967. Three years later he was a member of Göttsching's "Steeple Chase Bluesband" which would evolve into Ash Ra Tempel.

    Enke decided to quit the music business in 1973, and was not present at Ash Ra Tempel's reunion in 2000. He died in late 2005, aged 53.


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