Southern Rock

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Brian Howe

Birth date: Jul 22, 1953
Birth country: United Kingdom
Birth place: Portsmouth, England
Instruments: Saxophone, Vocals


Bad Company (1986 - 1994)


Bone Against Steel - .38 Special (Jun 25, 1991)

Biography Picture  Brian Anthony Howe is an English rock singer and songwriter, best known for replacing Paul Rodgers as the lead vocalist of Bad Company. Howe's career was jump-started in 1983 when Ted Nugent recruited him to handle lead vocals for his "Penetrator" album and front its subsequent world tour.

   In 1986 Mick Ralphs and Simon Kirke decided to reteam for a new project. Their label, Atlantic Records, however, insisted they resume the Bad Company name, but Paul Rodgers was already engaged with a new supergroup called The Firm. With Rodgers gone, the remaining two members partnered with ex-Ted Nugent vocalist Brian Howe as the new lead singer.

   This was not an easy task, but along with Kirke and Ralphs, Brian created, wrote, recorded and toured for the next 8 years, headlining every major venue around the globe.

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