Experimental Rock

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Ed Spevock

Birth date: Dec 14, 1946
Birth country: United Kingdom
Birth place: London
Instruments: Drums, Congas, Percussion, Timpani, Backing vocals


Chicken Shack (1976 - 1979)
Babe Ruth (1973 - 1976)
Pete Brown & Piblokto! (1971)
Bond + Brown
Alan Ross Band

Biography Picture    First credit about Ed Spevock is playing with the  band The Amboy Dukes in the sixties, later, he was in a band called Salt and Pepper.

  He joined Pete Brown and Piblokto! around 1970, but the band was disbanded very soon. Pete Brown joined Graham Bond for a while, and Spevock went with them. They released an album credited to Bond + Brown, with the title of "Two heads are better than one". The album also contained guest appearances by great guitarist Mick Hutchinson, plus backing vocals by Mick Walker, Sue Woolley and Erica Bond.

   Ed Spevock joined fantastic band Babe Ruth around 1973. Their 3rd album was a self-titled "Babe Ruth", featuring one song written by Ed, "Sad but rich". In new album, "Stealin' home", including a fantastic song written by Ed, "Fascination".

    In 1977, Stan Webb resurrects  band Chicken Shack, and Ed is the drummer. They recorded an album, "The Creeper", with help from Tony Ashton. In 1979, all the members left the band.


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