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Brian Tichy

Birth date: Aug 18, 1968
Birth country: United States
Birth place: Denville, New Jersey
Instruments: Drums, Percussion, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Vocals


Whitesnake (2010 - 2013)
Foreigner (1998 – 2000; 2007; 2008 – 2010)

Biography Picture   Brian Tichy is an American musician, songwriter and record producer, best known as having been the drummer for  WhitesnakeBilly IdolForeigner,  and Ozzy Osbourne. He was the drummer of Whitesnake from 2010 to 2013.

    Tichy began playing drums at age eight and started playing guitar at age 12. His earliest influences include Kiss with Peter Criss as his main influence, Led ZeppelinIron Maiden with Nicko McBrainAerosmithAC/DC, and Van Halen. His surname means silent in Czech and Slovak. In 2015, he became a full-time member of Operation: Mindcrime and The Dead Daisies.

    While Tichy has primarily toured and recorded with others playing drums, he has fronted his own band, Ball, in which he sings and plays guitar. Due to the demise of his record label (Time Bomb Recordings), Ball’s American Aggression CD never was formally released. Ball did manage to release a CD, The Grand Human Disaster Scenario (only in Japan) in May 1999. This CD contains what were essentially the demos that led to the record deal with Time Bomb at the end of 1999. His increasing role as co-songwriter with Billy Idol that started at the end of 2003 limited his time to focus on Ball.

    The Idol/Tichy writing partnership sparked the recording of Billy Idol's first CD since 1993. Devil's Playground (Sanctuary Records) was recorded in 2004 and contained 8 Idol/Tichy tracks. The CD was released in March 2005 and they toured for the remainder of the year.

    While writing in 2006 for a follow up Idol CD, Tichy and Idol recorded a Christmas album. This was done on their own, in Idol and Tichy's rehearsal studio with Tichy performing drums, guitar, and bass, as well as engineering and co-producing. Happy Holidays by Idol was released in November 2006 through Best Buy and in Europe.

    Tichy joined Foreigner in 1998 and remained until 2000. He rejoined briefly in 2007 substituting for Jason Bonham. He then returned from 2008 until 2010, recording the album Can't Slow Down. He returned for one show in summer 2011, substituting for Mark Schulman, who had recently lost his father. Tichy rejoined Foreigner for the month of August 2012 for live performances, replacing the departed Schulman once again.

   Tichy filled in for Seether drummer John Humphrey in April 2007, toured with Foreigner through spring of 2009 (replacing Jason Bonham), and recently completed a multi-year involvement with Billy Idol. He has written music for television and film, and recorded with European female metal singer Marya Roxx. On September 25, 2010, Tichy organized, produced and played in the drummer tribute "Bonzo, The Groove Remains the Same", celebrating the 25th anniversary of the death of Led Zeppelin's John Bonham. In 2011, Tichy formed S.U.N. (Something Unto Nothing) as guitarist, with vocalist Sass Jordan, bassist Michael Devin, and drummer Tommy Stewart. In 2014, Tichy joined 'Sweet & Lynch', featuring Michael Sweet, George Lynch and James Lomenzo.

     Tichy was announced as the new drummer for Whitesnake on June 18, 2010. Tichy quit Whitesnake on January 4, 2013 to focus on S.U.N



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