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Adieu To Old England

Band: Shirley Collins
Label: Topic Records
Released: 1974, United Kingdom
Catalog #: 12TS238
Format: Vinyl, LP


Shirley Collins - Vocals


A1. "Mistress's Health/Lumps Of Plum Pudding" [2:13]
A2. "Down By The Seaside" [2:47]
A3. "Chiners' Song" [2:25]
A4. "Adieu To Old England" [2:04]
A5. "Ashen Faggot Wassail" [2:34]
A6. "I Sing Of A Maiden That Is Makeless" [1:49]
A7. "The Banks Of The Mossom" [3:17]
A8. "The Ram Of Derbish Town" [1:56]
B1. "Portsmouth" [1:03]
B2. "Horkstow Grange" [1:56]
B3. "Come All You Little Streamers" [2:05]
B4. "Spaniard's Cry/Sherborne Jig" [1:43]
B5. "One Night As I Lay On My Bed" [4:44]
B6. "The Death Of Nelson" [3:54]
B7. "Coronation Jig" [4:02]

Additional personnel

John Watcham - Concertina - tracks: A1; A5; B4; B7
Dolly Collins - Flute-Organ - tracks: A2; A6; B5
Terry Potter - Flute-organ - tracks: A3; B1
Bill Molan - Chorus - tracks: A5; A8; B2; B6
Bill Molan, - Percussion- tracks: A8
Geoff Singleton - Chorus - tracks: A5; A8; B6
Geoff Singleton - Percussion- tracks: A8
Geoff Singleton - Fiddle - tracks: A7; B2; B3
John Harrington - Chorus - tracks: A5; A8; B2; B6
John Harrington - Concertina - tracks: A7; B2; B4
Bill Molan - Melodeon - tracks: A7; B3
Ian Holder - Accordion - tracks: B1
Bob Stewart - Plucked Psaltery - tracks: B5
Roger Swallow - Drums - tracks: B7
Simon Nicol - Guitar - tracks: B7 Picture

Producer – Ashley Hutchings
Recorded at Beck Studio, Wellingborough and Livingston Studio

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