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Desert Rose

Band: Chris Hillman
Label: Sugar Hill Records
Released: 1984, United States
Catalog #: SH-3743
Format: Vinyl, LP


Chris Hillman - Lead vocals, Mandolin, Rhythm guitar


A1. "Why You Been Gone So Long" [ Mickey Newbury ] [2:50]
A2. "Somebody's Back In Town" [ Don Helms; Doyle Wilburn; Teddy Wilburn ] [2:34]
A3. "Wall Around Your Heart" [ Don Reno; Red Smiley; B. Smith ] [4:01]
A4. "Rough And Rowdy Ways" [ Jimmie Rodgers ] [2:10]
A5. "Desert Rose" [ Chris Hillman; Bill Wildes ] [2:50]
B1. "Running The Roadblocks" [ Chris Hillman; Peter Knobler ] [2:23]
B2. "I Can't Keep You In Love With Me" [ Charlie Louvin; Ira Louvin ] [2:50]
B3. "Treasure Of Love" [ George Jones; Jiles Perry Richardson ] [2:22]
B4. "Ashes Of Love" [ Jack Anglin; Jim Anglin; Johnnie Wright ] [3:12]
B5. "Turn Your Radio On" [ Dick Cooper / Chris Hillman; Roger McGuinn ] [2:31]

Additional personnel

Bernie Leadon - Banjo -tracks: B5
Bernie Leadon - Guitar - tracks: A4; B3
Bernie Leadon - Harmony Vocals - tracks: A5; B5
Bernie Leadon - Mandola - tracks: A5
Al Perkins - Dobro - tracks: A4; A5
Ron Tutt - Drums
Jerry Scheff - Bass Guitar, Acoustic Bass Guitar
Bob Warford - Guitar - tracks: A1; A2; B2
James Burton - Guitar - tracks: A3; B1; B4
Byron Berline - Fiddle - tracks: A2; A5; B2; B3
Ray Park - Fiddle - tracks: B5
Glen D. Hardin - Piano
Jay Dee Maness - Steel Guitar

Desert Rose album cover

Producer – Al Perkins
Engineer – Joe Bellamy
Recorded at Peace In The Valley Studio, Arleta, California

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